Bath wedding

I went to a wedding at the weekend with my wife. Loads of her old school friends were there including a bunch of guys she's known for years. The wedding finished at midnight and a few of us weren't done partying, so I suggested we head back to our hotel room to keep going. There was me, my wife, 4 of her guy friends and 2 of her girlfriends. We stole a bunch of wine and beer from the party and headed up to our room. We danced, drank and chatted for an hour until about 1am and then people started to head to bed. Just me, my wife and 3 of her guy friends, Max, Tom and Matt stuck around. It's pretty childish (we're all in our 30's) but we started playing drinking games and eventually, truth or dare. The first couple of rounds were mostly 'truths' but my wife turned things around when she started dared her friend Max to flash his c***. He isn't a prude – and I'm pretty sure she's seen it before – so he pulled down his pants and got it out for about 10 seconds. Someone then dared her to flash her p****. She stood up, hiked her dress above her waist, and pulled her panties to one side showing off her beautiful bare c***. She sat back down and the bottle was spun again. I felt a bit sick that she'd just flashed herself in front of everyone but I also quite enjoyed it. Next she dared Matt to w*** off in front us everyone. There wasn't much incentive since it was mostly guys, but he did it anyway. For the next dare, Matt told her to finger herself in front of us. In 6 years of marriage and 10 years together I've never seen her do it..but within a minute she was up against the wall, panties pulled slightly down her legs, fingers playing with her c***. She said....I dare you all to c** in my panties. So sure enough, Max, Matt and Tom stood us and took it in turns to w*** themselves off into her panties.

Dec 6

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  • That is sooo hot! Very very sexy without the wife getting gang f*****! So fresh here, and much more believable than all the fiction!

  • If I was her ,I would dare you to clean her panties of all the s**** . Has a reward I would let f*** you in front of everyone.

  • I would be furious w her / them & stoped it

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