Truth or dare got out of hand

I am scared to death this is going to get out to my buddies. Last Sat night we were invited to a party by a new girl at my wifes office. She gave us a heads up that they had a hottub so bring swim suits.
Anyway as the party wound down there were only 3 couples left and we were all in the hottub drinking. Someone suggested a game of truth or dare. It didn't take long for one of the guys to dare the girls to take off their bikini tops. Well that led to one of the girls daring the guys to lose their trunks. Quickly everyone was naked. The sexual theme continued and I stepped in it big time! I dared my wife and her office friend to make out for one minute. They kissed and groped each other for the entire minute. It was so hot! Afterward my wife reached under the water and gave my c*** a little squeeze as the announced to the group that I definitely liked the show. Well eventually my wife got a turn and she surprised the h*** out of me. She dared me and one of the guys to make out for one minute! I was so nervous. Well we did it. As we kissed the guy reached down and stroked my c***. After it was done my wife again reached under the water. This time she screamed "OMG, you really enjoyed that!"
Well at this point the game devolved into girls vs boys pushing the envelope. Well a lot of stuff happened but my most embarrassing was when one of the guys sat on the edge of the hottub as I got between his legs and gave him a b******. When he came in my mouth I choked and gagged as i tried to swallow it all. The girls howled with laughter as my wife said "not so easy is it'.
I am terrified my guy friends are going to hear about this!

Dec 8

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  • Did you like the feel of another guys d***?

  • Go with it and let your wife know you liked it--you obviously did. And don't sweat it if your friends hear about it. Your wife is cool with it, and that's all that matters.

  • In my last year of high school I met a girl who had a kinky streak and was very dom. I didn't have much luck with girls and not much self esteem at the time. She had an ex boyfriend with a large p**** and she was still highly attracted to him, but they fought too much to stay together. While we dates she still occasionally hooked up with him. This led to her bringing him in for 3sum play. She made me suck his c***, he f***** me a couple of times and after he would f*** her I cleaned up her c** filled p****. At the time I was scared to death our friends would find out. Then it happened, her best friend let it slip that she knew. One evening my girlfriend made me give her and her best friend a show by giving her ex a b****** while they watched.
    We dated through college and I married her! Still going strong...

  • Many years ago in college I joined a fraternity. This was well before the crackdown on hazing. In the middle of the night 3 frat brothers got me up and took me to the basement. The basement was a big man cave and only full fraternity brothers were allowed. They made me strip down and paddled my ass until I cried. They ordered me to get on my knees as they undressed. They made me give them head. Two of them made me finish them with my mouth. Then the third bent me over a card table and f***** my ass. I later found out the other pledges received this treatment also.
    In my senior year I did the same to the new pledges.

  • When I pledged my dads old fraternity the upper guys found out I was gay. I had tried to hide it by bringing a close female friend around occasionally. Once they found out I was a source of amusement. If one of the straight pledges was being disciplined they would often be made to stand in the middle of the room naked and I would be instructed to give them a b****** as the guys made fun of them.

  • They all know

  • After the lockdown a group us from my fraternity rented a house at the beach and took our gfs. It was late and we were drinking and smoking pot when the girls began making out. Next, they'd took their cloths off and started going down on each other. At first we had our phones out videoing then we wanted to join in and make it a full on orgy. The girls agreed but each guy needed to pair up and give each other head. Things got crazy and I got paired up with a guy that was bi. We took turns and I ended up having s** with him while my gf videoed. That was one crazy trip!

  • Gf? you misspelled beard

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