Wearing women’s clothes

I’m glad I came across this website, for years I’ve always questioned my sexuality. I’ve played the tough guy, the alpha male well. But deep down inside, deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a woman. To have b****** that a man would grab and put in his mouth, to wear sexy bras and lingerie. To have a p****, and to let a rock hard c*** drive up inside me with everything he has. To get on my knees and serve him, to suck him clean and get the reward. To be his b****. It comes out in my relationships, I always end up telling the women that I’m with that I get into their clothes when they are not around and wear their panties and bras. I have convinced more than one, to put me in panties and a bra, strap on a big hard c***, bend me over, and f*** me like a b**** While insulting me, calling me a b**** or a p****, and telling me how worthless and small my d*** is. I don’t want anything else anymore. I wanna woman to treat me like her Cuck s*** and make me do things with the men that she brings over for her pleasure. I want a woman who will make me clean the house, cook dinner, and go out dressed as a b****. I want the world to see what a sissy f*** I am.

Dec 8

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  • Would like to stroke to pics and more confessions of the sissy you want to be. bestucando98@yahoo.com

  • I feel the same way your not alone

  • Do you actually want to live as a woman or is it just a s** thing? How far does crossdressing take you?

  • Waaaaaaaaaa

  • I'm a guy and I've no desire to become a girl. I don't want to wear bras but I do like tights and other feminine things. I like the feel and look of them. I wish boys could wear skirts and tights. So I like that the world is becoming more gender fluid.

    When I was 10, I acquired some girls tights. I would wear them under my long pants to school. At other times, I'd wear really short shorts and singlet tops that were tight on my body. When I was 15 I took a deep breath and went into the shops and bought a leotard.

  • Eesee!

  • I'm a guy, straight btw, and love dressing in beautiful lingerie, pretty panties and cute nightys. It's my secret guilty pleasure and I'm addicted.

  • Would enjoy pics of you in panties. bestucando98@yahoo.com

  • Your want some pics

  • F***! Tee!

  • Peetee!

  • Youre gay. G***** f*** eeh!

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