losing my mind

i am obsessed by a girl. she just turned 18 lives in the US, im mid 20's, europe.
shes just too young to confess to her and i fear she will be disgusted, if i tell her my feelings.
i want to be her f*** toy so badly, but i dont know what to do. theres no change we will even meet each other. i want to submit to her so badly and be her personal s** slave just to make her smile and happy. i cannot sleep, eat. i m********* several times a day thinking of her. this goes for a very long time now. all i do is waiting for her to be online to talk to her.

i think im insane!

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  • anything to make her happy.

  • How do you want to submit to her? Is she going to wear a strap-on?

  • i need to forget her somehow, she shouldnt learn how perverted some guys are. but when i dont talk to her for a while she keeps pming me and asking me whats wrong and s***. im like a little puppy, i cannot get away from her.

  • no, we were talking on the phone... shes not a dude

  • "She" is a 52 year old overweight dude f****** with your mind.

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