Twenty years ago, when we first moved into a gated community, we had no idea what we were getting into.
We were unaware that everything, including our phone conversations, internet activity, and TV viewing, were being monitored. As we moved in, they conducted police background checks on the entire family, and subsequently, they discovered my dad had a criminal history. They claimed he had tried to pull one over on them and wouldn't live in this area for very long. His brain cancer manifested after we refused to move out, just like the woman down the street. You see she was a person of questionable morals as well, an ex-stripper whom was in a lesbian relationship at the time she died. Also after seeing films of myself and my father in his last days broadcast over the local cable system I realized that the house had a sophisticated CCTV system built into it. Where it broadcast to and who put it there I can only assume, but they have warned me that if I keep it up - by which they obviously mean if I keep gathering evidence - I will end up exactly like my father...

Dec 18

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