I was too forward on our first lunch date

I worked near this guy and found him **. All the girls in the office said he looked like Tom Selleck in the Magnum PI days. Yeah - he did - but it was really cool because he didn't know he did!
I flirted with him enough that he finally asked me to lunch.
While sitting at the table, on our very first date, over our lunch the subject of the heat wave we were having came up. He works out side - so it was really rough on him - but gave him a great tan! He said it was hard to sleep at night due to the heat.
Anyway - I smiled and looked down at my plate then slowly said , "well I'm OK, because I don't wear anything when I go to bed."
He kind of gulped and said, "excuse me - what?"
I looked him straight in the eyes, smiled sweetly and said, "Yeah, I sleep in the **. Always have - every night."
He stared at me. I looked down at my food so he could roam his eyes over me, ** me to imagine what I looked like naked on a bed! Which he did.

I know - because he told me so one night in bed - after we married!
True story - a shameless flirt - but it worked!

Dec 21

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