My fiancé beats me..

So i have been with this guy for a while and he recently proposed to me. i said yes and i hes the love of my life my soul mate. but recently hes started hurting me. a month before he proposed he had punched me cause i walked away during a fight. he apologized and i forgave him because it was the first time and he promised he wouldnt hurt me again. after we got engaged he got more violent a lot more. he leaves bruises all over my body. once he punched me in the troat so hard i got pushed backwards off the ground. i wasnt afraid cause i love him but i feel like i should be. and last night he was the most violent yet.. he punched my arms legs and head. he kept pushing me down and coking me to the point i couldnt breath. he even lifted me off the ground by choking me. im tired of forgiving him and believing he'll stop. but i love him.. hes a totally different person when hes angry and happy. at this point i dont know who he really is. please help me. im stuck.

Nov 16, 2016

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  • Quick, start making lots and lots of babies with him. You both sound like quality people, and everybody knows bringing an innocent life into an abusive relationship magically makes everything better! Hurry up and start breeding, this world isn't going down the tubes fast enough.

  • Set him on fire. Burn this piece of s***. Kill him, and claim self defense. He's a worthless piece of trash who should have never been born.

  • He's your "Christian Grey"....
    Only, all this 50 Shades s*** doesn't play out very well in real
    Life, does it, Princess?
    Do yourself a huge favor and knee him so hard in the b**** that it sends him to the hospital, then walk out of his life forever...
    Talk to ANY cop... He will escalate into sending you to the ER with injuries, and eventually kill you..
    Ask ANY cop just how many times that has happened in their law enforcement career... You will be shocked at the high number..
    GET THE F** OUT!! NOW!!!

  • That's a dangerous relationship email me so I can help you get away

  • You need to run as far away from that a****** as possible. Don't let anyone use you for a punching bag! No matter what he says or how many times he apologizes he will always do it again and each time will be more violent. Get out now before he really hurts you or kills you.

  • You should ask yourself why were you fighting?
    You should submit to his authority. Hence you would not fight and it would not escalate.

  • You obviously don't know anything, about abuse!! Keep your dysfunctional opinions, to yourself! They're irrelevant, unsympathetic, destructive and lack compassion!!

  • It doesn't get any better trust me, get out now! Notify the police, your family and friends on what happened but don't press charges if he agrees to leave you alone. If you truly love somebody you would never hurt them physically

  • Get out now.

  • If you marry him or continue to date him he'll kill you or make you so miserable you'll wish you were dead. He'll never change because he can;t. Call the police and report him and get a restraining order put on him. Buy a gun and if he attacks you shoot him.

  • Get out !!!!!

  • He's an abuser. My abuse started this way. One night I woke up in a hospital and the police officers asked me if I could sit up so they could take my picture, I didn't know why at first. They showed me the picture and it was horrible, he beat me within an inch of my life, and I had to go to an eye specialist for years. He will NEVER change. It will only get worse. Get out now, love doesn't hurt. Please

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