My Engagement Ring

I got engaged when I was a junior in college. I was attending college away from home and my boyfriend's mom seen some shared posts on FB of me at a sorority party dancing with some frat guys. I was not innocent. I partied, smoked weed and had protected hook ups with numerous guys and a few girls.
My boyfriend's mom insisted he ask me to get married after I graduate. She thought an engagement ring would keep the guys away.
My engagement ring was his great grandmothers. I have small hands and it wouldn't fit any females in their family.
Well, I quickly found out a sorority girl wearing an engagement ring is a magnet for frat guys.
The first night I hooked up with a guy. I was wearing my ring, he was on top. When he got ready to pop, he put my left hand on my stomach, took off the condom and came, A LOT on the ring. I was buzzed at the time and we both laughed.
On my wedding day, when my husband was placing my wedding ring on my hand, I remembered the guy ** on that ring.
It's been 3 years and I still have that memory each holiday season when his family members what to see his great grandmothers ring. LOL

Dec 28

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  • Omg!
    who didn't have ** during her engagement period???
    that's her last chance to have fun!
    btw; my bodycount during my 1yr engagement. 5 grls 18 guys

  • I got my engagement ring with no date.
    After a few months of pressing my fiancé for a date, I stared having ** with a few of my coworkers that were interested in me before I got engaged. His parents finally pressured him into marrying me after a year and a half engagement period!!
    btw; I had ** with on of my 'major player' coworkers after I got married so that he could have the pleasure of being 'my first affair'. lol

  • How true and great story!
    I got engaged my last year of college and WOW! You are right! An engagement ring is like a magnet. I never had a guy ** on my ring but I will admit to having more random hookups after getting engaged.

  • When can we hang out ill ** all over you

  • That is a great story

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