My first works Xmas party

17 year old male (boy) 1st job since leaving school and at the companies Xmas party. A small company with a workforce of mainly women who probably out numbered the men two to one
On the day of the party the building was closed the food and booze was all supplied and on a help yourself basis, back then I only drank the occasional beer but when booze is free people will always over indulge. I was lured to a closed off stores section by three tipsy ladies going along with this innocent game (I thought) I let them tie me to a chair thinking here we go some sort jokey party game. The next thing I know my flies are undone and my ** is taken out and played with until erect ( didn't take long ) by these ladies who are now giggling and laughing,they then took it in turns to play with it until I made a mess. One then suggested they leave me here tied to this chair with my todger out, after pleading to be untied they relented still giggling they left me to clean up, two of them gave me the shush sign as they left. My only regret was that I never got a ** out of it.

Dec 30

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