Our secret

A little over two years ago I moved into a basement suite after separating from my husband, Things went horribly wrong and we lost everything and ended up separating, We still aren't legally divorced but he has a full time live in girl friend so I guess that is that. The couple I live downstairs from are approximately my age, 40 ish and a very nice looking couple, we have become close...Like real close, After me and her went out one night we came home and surprised him with a three way which they had never done before but me and my ex had done maybe 4-5 times.
Since then over the last year and a half or so we have done it more regular like maybe semi monthly or so, Last night we were having a night in at their place and ended up in the bedroom, She got off and got up to go to the washroom, I was face down with him behind me and he was just going slow, I was super wet and he had his thumb in my butt then he had pulled his thumb out and started doing longer strokes which I was totally into, I was drunk and so relaxed and just totally enjoying it when he pulled back too far and then when he pushed forward it went in the wrong hole.
Ok, So it's not like I have never done it, My ex used to do it but not to be rude but he had a small c*** so it wasn't terrible but he is much bigger than my ex, Thank god I was drunk and relaxed and he realized right away. He didn't really know what to do and as soon as he realized he just stopped, I wasn't quite sure what to do with the situation so I waited for him and he whispered "Are you ok" I nodded yes and he said "Do you want me to take it out", I had tensed up and was still clenching my butt and I still don't know why but I looked back and said "It's ok if you want to" and he whispered "really?", I nodded and took a deep breath relaxing my muscles and he started slowly working in and out, I had my hand between my legs working my little button and everything was going good until she came out of the bathroom and smacked his ass making him shove it in a little too deep which made me tense up again and then he started giggling and I started giggling and she started giggling.
We settled in and kept going, She had no idea where his p**** was and was just laying beside me reaching under my chest pinching my nipples, I was surprised that i got off like that and he didn't last long after before he finished and just laid there until he went soft then pulled out. He went to shower and I went and cleaned up then came back to bed, Me and her made out for a bit before drifting off to sleep and I never talked to him again until morning. she was already out of bed and I woke up and looked at him, We had a quick, Quiet talk and he told me we have to keep it a secret because if she ever found out she would never let him put it back in her or probably back in me either so...I guess it will be our little secret.

Feb 23, 2018

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  • Good call, keep it quiet.

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