Wife wild side

When we were dating my wifes roommate hinted that my wife had done a ** in her past, when I confronted her about it she said a few details. Over time I learned it was more then one and they started about a month before we met. The threesomes continued until about 4 months into our friends with benefits relationship when we ended up dating. I had also learned it was the original two and one of her other friends with benefits convinced her to sleep with his friend while he watched then he enjoyed her after. Now fast forward 3 years, we were out drinking with some friends. By this point we were married and had our child. She and my best man from our wedding were getitng flirty and playing drinking games and I was encouraging her to distract him she was showing leg or chest still bra covered. After a bit this wasnt working so on her own she lifted her skirt showed ** as well as undid her shirt and flashed bare **. This went on for a bit then we all went to the bar. Once at the bar they danced and he was getting handsy, after a few shots my wife admitted her threesomes to all of my friends especially my best man. After the bar that night he kept asking to see her ** again and said he wanted to ** ** her also said he bet she gave a great bj. On the walk back to his place they disappeared for about 20 minutes while I was stopping off at the liquor store. I didnt know until 10 years later she gave him a ** bj in the woods until they got interrupted by us looking for them. So back at the party they started playing drinking games again and as the party wound down she started getitng mroe brave instead of little flashes she ended up ** and agreeing to let him ** ** her. well that turned into fiull on sharing which was the most surreal and wildest thing ever. Once things went to full on ** she said he should put something on but after a few minutes she didnt want it anymore and asked me if I trusted her she told him to let her know when he was close... when he said he was close she held him close told him to stop for a minute, looked ot me said do you love me? do you trust me? then whispered please? to me I asked what and she told me she wanted him to finish in her. by this point she had her hand on me and was trying to stroke more of gripping tightly. he pounded her and both came she looked to me said I need you now and pulled me on top of her. we used her for 2 hours that way then she went to his room for a bit. I dozed off and she woke me up we went home she said hse was a bad girl and wanted to be punished.. we went home were pretty wild and the next morning she denied any of it happened and she woudl avoid that friend for a year.

Dec 30

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  • Well I think it’s ** hot wish I could get my wife to do something like that your a lucky guy

  • Lying ** and u r a pos!!!! Both of you are not deserving of each other. And thats one ** of a friend u hVe

  • You just like to be cuck. How do you not have respect for yourself to allow your wife to push boundaries and risk giving you ** munchies from other guys. How pathetic

  • Your wife sounds like a ** forreal. You’re in love with **’s behavior

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