Wearing my sisters clothes

When I was younger than six my mommy had me wear my sisters clothes. This was mainly because my family was very poor. My parents couldn't afford to buy us clothes. We did not have anywhere to get clothes from like a Goodwill shop. So I ended up wearing dresses and all the other clothes dresses, skirts, under pants, even shoes. I also had very long curly blond hair which made me look like a girl. I did not mind because I was too young to know better. It was accepted by other boys that this was sorta normal where they lived. Because we were all poor. But when I was six years old I came down with Encephalitis.
I had a Polio shot and this caused me to get this sickness because the horse they got the syrum from had the Encephalitis. When I finally came home I could not walk, talk or control my bathroom. So I had to wear diapers. Of course I was still wearing dresses so my mother could see if my diapers were messy. And I was wearing cloth diapers because there were no disposable diapers.

Jan 4

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  • I have ben wearing ** 24/7 for years

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