Diapered Twins

I'm a boy and I have a sister as a twin. We’re the kind of twins that share everything. We sometimes wear matching outfits. We're both 20 years old. We share an apartment together. We also wear diapers as adults.

As a kid, I remember wetting the bed just to get back into diapers. My sister did the same. My sister revealed to me that she just liked wearing diapers. I told her the same thing. Our parents didn't suspect a thing. We eventually wore them the daytime too. I don't recall anyone at school bullying us for wearing diapers. We just told classmates that the diapers were because of a medical condition. Our routine at home home was, wake up, change out of our diapers, have our showers, and then afterwards change into fresh diapers and plastic pants. We hung our cloth diapers on the clothesline. I remember wearing diapers while watch Saturday cartoons. We wore swim diapers too.

As an adult, I wonder why parents even bother with potty training? Diapers are wonderful. They're comfortable to wear, and have cute designs to choose from. They help with anxiety and stress. If you have a job with a lot of standing, you don't have to take breaks. Car trips become easy, with no rest stops. You get better sleep at night. No more need to wake up in the middle for the night for the toilet. You can beng watch your favorite TV shows for hours. I think everyone should wear diapers.

I know you'll have a lot of questions. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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  • Me and my sister are twins also and when we were 12,sis started bedwetting because of her puberty.Our parents put her into cloth diapers and plastic pants for her bedwetting. Every night before bedtime mom and sis would go into sis's room,sis would lay naked on her bed,then mom would powder her,pin the diapers on her then put the plastic pants on over them,then sis would put her night gown on.The plastic pants fit her blousy and crinkled under her nightgown when she walked.Being a 'girly' girl,she had plastic pants in pink,yellow and blue and some with babyprints on them and even a couple pair with ruffles across the back that she wore for Easter and christmas! I always thought how much she looked like a baby with her diapers and plastic pants on!When we were 13,we were in our nieces wedding,sis as the flowergirl and me as the ringbearer.I wore a tuxedo and sis was dressed as a little girl in a poofy,white,sleeveless,midthigh length flowergirl dress and veil with lace anklets and white maryjane shoes.Mom put her diapers and a pair of her ruffled plastic pants on her under her dress and she looked very cute and little girlish! She got most of the attention from the bridesmaids and other people before and after the ceremony!That next week,i was so envious of sis,that i got home from school first the one day,mom was out shopping,sis went to a friends house,so i put on her diapers and the ruffled plastic pants and her flowergirl dress and pretended i was a flowergirl!

  • That's so cute. I think everyone should wear diapers. They are cute and comfortable.

  • It is quite common for bedwetting girls in puberty to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.I have seen teen girls as old as 15 and 16 wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants under Easter and Christmas dresses,Communion dresses,Baptism dresses at Easter vigil and in weddings,to be cute and girly!

  • Wow! That is one story. So do you two still wear a diapers these days? Please say yes.

  • I bought a pack of depends. I got the most absorbant type but they leaked. What sort of diaper can hold a bladder full and not leak.

  • North Shore Megamax

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