GF suggested multiple partners

My GF asked if I had ever thought about having a **. I asked her if she wanted another woman or another man to join us. She said either. She asked me if I wanted it to be a man or woman. I told her that I heard she had been with a woman and the thought of watching her and another woman was hot. She smiled and said ok. I also confessed to her that I had always fantasized about watching her with another man. She said so you want to watch another man f*** me? I said thinking about another man spread her slender legs and pump her p**** was hot too. She said she thought it would be hot if I watched her too. I asked if more c*** was what she wanted? She said no but me watching was a turn on. I told her we could try it if she wanted. She said she had never been with more than 1 guy at a time. I mentioned a couple of guys we knew as people we could invite to join us. She agreed that they were good friends that wouldn’t judge us and either of them would be fine by her. I invited both for two Saturday’s from now. When I told her I invited both, she gasped and said all three of you are going to have me? I said well you said you had never been with more than 1 so I thought 2 would be twice the fun. I said I would cancel if she wanted. She was silent for a moment and then said no don’t cancel. She said she was the one that made the suggestion to start with and if you want to watch multiple guys f*** me then that is what we will do. I may lose a gf when this is over but we will find out. Has anyone been in this situation and watched other men f*** your woman. Any suggestions?

Jan 6

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  • My wife and I have had threesomes several times. I have watched other men pump my wife and she has watched me pump one of her friends. Both were quite exciting. Once I watched one of her girlfriends take her and that was quite hot and my wife enjoyed it. My wife suggested that while her friend had her face between my wife’s legs, I should take her friend from behind at the same time. She told her friend and she said sounds like fun. We have done this several times and the girls switch positions and sometimes I take my wife while she takes her friend and sometimes I take her friend. My wife says she likes her friend taking her and me taking her friend at the same time because she can watch both at the same time and she likes that. Whatever works for you.

  • Yes I'm married and have seen my wife take other ** often. It's amazing to watch and really turns me on a lot. If you're thinking about it and it excites you, I say try it. Chances are it will be a very big turn on to watch.

  • Dude - you are royally screwed!

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