My Boss and his J**k

So, I’m a 32 year old woman, married with a 4 year old daughter. I work for a mid-sized company and sit in a cubicle.

My boss is about 50, married and he is good looking. Sometimes he visits with me in my cube and wants to see reports or presentations that I have on my pc screen. When he does and is leaning over me to see, his ** is right at my face level. Plus, he sometimes wears khakis that are tight enough that I can see the outline of his d***.

So it’s like his d**** is just 3-4” from my face. It’s very distracting. Don’t know what to do. Saying something would be embarrassing, but just having it floating there is also weird. I will say it is a nice size!

Jan 6

Next Confession

Am I a target???

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  • This brings back memories of something I did to my co-worker.
    I was 23, engaged and fresh out of college working at an advertising agency. It was 1999, Ally McBeal was popular, mini skirt suits were 'in style' and office flirting was open and common. No one got offended like they do today.
    I worked with a bunch of guys loved to cut up. Plus, I used to waitress and had at the same dirty humor.
    We were in the conference room listing to my co-worker's 'practice' his presentation. It was just us and no clients.
    I was sitting at the end of the table and he was in the middle of his presentation doing what you described above. I'm positive he didn't know he was doing it on purpose. I noticed the guys giggling the second time he did it.
    The third time, I turned and kissed his **.
    Everyone busted out in laughter and that was the end of the presentation.

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  • You should expose some cleavage, see if he lingers longer and tries to sneak peeks. Two can play at that game.

  • My boss did that with me. But his ** was big over nine inches. I love ** but my husband is religious and doesn't believe in oral **. One night we were alone late at the office. I couldn't resist and blew him. His ** is magnificent, and he ** more than any man I have known. It 10 years later and I blow him every day and swallow every drop. He also ** me like a dog I ** so hard. I love that ** I do any dirty, preveted thing in wants. He my perfect lover, I live to be submissive to him.

    My 3 kids are all from my boss. My stupid husband think their his. I'll never give up my boss ** it too good.

  • My husband also does agree with oral s ex, so I get my satisfaction from my 14 year old son.

  • Why not just divorce your poor husband? No one deserves that plus making him believe the kids are his ? That’s as dirty as someone can be to their husband. ** don’t you have any morals or a conscience of any kind? Just leave him and marry your boss. Let him find someone who actually loves and cares for him. **. This is exactly why paternity tests should be mandatory at birth.

  • OP here. I am really tempted to palm it and see how he reacts. If he gets hard or asks me into his office I would consider fooling around. It’s kind of exciting.

  • Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.

  • I bet he knows what he’s doing and secretly fantasizes about you and what you might do

  • Unzip him and pull it out

  • Just turn unexpectedly and touch his ** with your nose.

  • Next time you are in this situation, turn from your screen after explaining report and lick your 💋 and play with your hair. Live a little and get some!

  • You should just take a ** and trace it along the pressed profile on his pants and say “you know, I can see this very clearly”. I bet he would instantly grow.

  • Use it to your advantage then lol

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