Lifetime of being gay

Being a freshman in high school my next door neighbor was senior that year. I worshipped him, he had a motorcycle and played in a band. He invited me to go with him to a party and took me on the back of his motorcycle. It was all guys, they were drinking and doing other stuff. Some were kissing and necking, others were half naked and giving ** and hand jobs. And some were ** on the floor. My neighbor told me to get with it, I couldn't leave unless I participated and I sucked my neighbor in front of all the other guys having **. It was my first ** party.

It was only a couple of weeks later that I had to adopt the position and let my neighbor pop my cherry. I was in love with him after that which ** him off. I wanted him to kiss me and hold my ** in his hand. To let me hold his ** and for him to ** me. It was a very serious crush.

He graduated, went onto college and after graduation moved to the Bay Area in California. I struggled through high school and wasn't accepted to any college and I went out to California where I could live with him. He ** me the first night but told me that there was a whole lot out there and he wasn't going to be tied down with me. I got a job as a clerk in an art store and the manager ** me in the stock room. It was gay heaven or as close to it as you can get.

But life has a way of hitting you in the face and my boyfriend got AIDS. For whatever reason I didn't get it. I spent the next ten years taking care of him, by then we were all out and everything, and when he died my parents gave me their condolences. The first time they ever acknowledged a relationship.

I moved after that to Montana and got a job working at a hotel. There I met a man who sold used furniture and I was soon sucking his ** and bending over the table for him. He was much older, in his fifties, and he liked having me around. It took a long time before he would kiss me with me, make out and just fondle our **. I never fell in love with him but we got along fine. We were two homosexuals in Montana, it was enough that we had met and he liked younger men and I liked a man who snapped the whip.

I live in a community for older retired people down here in Florida, close to Tampa. Older men who in their youth had boyfriends. Some, like me, lost their love to AIDS. We are close friends, but at our age we are all talk and not action. We watch movies and we enjoy older pictures of naked men from the time when we were young. Memories of those fun times.

Jan 9

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  • Gay in Montana???? Amazing you came out alive..😆

  • Gay guys throw one ** of a party! When I was 19 I was the only person in the family that didn't care my uncle was gay. Actually he wasn't much older than me, like 27. He took me to a birthday party for a friend of his. A no girls backyard BBQ. It was a total sausagefest. Suddenly things got really wierd. Some guys took the birthday boy and bent him over a picnic table. They pulled his pants down and started spanking his bare ** as people sang happy birthday. When the song was over guys started ** and lining up behind him. They started ** him in the **, one at a time! My uncle stood beside me cheering. Eventually he got in line and took a turn then came back over to me. I was speechless! I didn't get in line or take a turn, but I learned just how freaky gay guys can be.

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