My wife and cousin have been lesbian lovers for over forty years

I trust that open minds will prevail. I grew up in close knit family. I had a girl cousin who was a bit older than me and when we were fourteen I wrestled her into submission and we had our first ** together. We worried about being pregnant but before it was too far along she miscarried and we breathed a sigh of relief. After than ** was more careful, counting days and coitus interruptus and all that.

In the tenth grade she was made love to by one of her student teachers. She told me she didn't know what to do and her teacher went for the jugular and ate her out and left love marks on her neck and chest. Sitting there, talking about it, she wasn't upset or mad. She liked it, a lot more than having ** with me. She confessed to dreaming about her student teacher and while she was being made love to she repeated several times that she loved her.

We had to face the probability that she was a lesbian. Her student teacher definitely was if she was going after girls in the school. We set up a surprise meeting with her student teacher. She got her teacher to come by to see her while her parents were at work, and I was there and confronted her teacher who broke down and confessed she couldn't help it. If anyone found she would be banned from teaching and probably sentenced for having ** with an underaged student.

We agreed that she could continue to have ** with my cousin, but she had to have ** with me first. Like it or not. I was as grown up as I could be, she lay still on the bed with her legs barely open. I forced my ** in her and completed with an **. I told her I couldn't get my cousin pregnant, so it had to be her.

She still lived with her mother and she had to confess that she was pregnant with a student's baby, although the student (me) wasn't her student. We got married, I was 17 and she was 22. And she was a good girl to get pregnant, she got pregnant three more times while I went to college. After college I got my cousin pregnant. I just had to have a kid with her and my cousin was starving to get pregnant herself.

We are all senior citizens now, we had six kids, four with my wife and two with my cousin, and we lived together, in a great big house. The talk was that I had my cousin as a 'wife' but no one ever talked about the real couple that was behind the front door, my wife and my cousin. I covered for them and they had a full, decades long life together. Now in their sixties they are closer than ever, and ** the torpedoes, full speed ahead, they now will show affections in public.

The public that knows them speaks of them being like real sisters, after all they've spent their entire life together.

Jan 11

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