Timing is everything.

Last night I went over to my mother inlaws to borrow her snowblower, My wife had texted her and said I would pick it up around 9 on my way home but I ended up being an hour early, Her mom said she probably wouldn't be home since she was supposed to meet friends at 9, As it worked out I got there at just the right time, I parked out back and walked up to the house, I could see that the lights were on in the bathroom attached to her bedroom and I went in not really thinking too much, I sat down in the kitchen and poured a drink since it is not uncommon for us to just let ourselves in.
I heard the shower stop and I was just going to let her know I was there to grab the snowblower, I was just going to open and close the door and holler "Hello" from the doorway but I got up to walk to the door and I didn't mean to but looked down the hallway and seen her walk past her door which was open and she had her towel tied around her waist, I could only see her back but it made me stop and look for a second longer than I should have. My wife is 35 and her mom is 55, When they were younger they often got mistaken for sisters apparently and I could see it, Her mom is a very good looking woman for her age and looks very similar to my wife, My wife is 5'3", 130lbs, I say A cups, She says B but her mom is a C, Both have very nice bodies and are freckly, Just average built and look good but her mom is just starting to show her age a bit more with a hint of grey here and there and maybe a few more pounds than my wife but not many.
I should have walked away and went with my original plan but as I turned away I heard her say something and I wondered if she was alone for a second since she has been single and never dated since I have known her and it turned out she was alone but I stopped to see if someone responded and no one did, I took another quick look and seen her drop her towel which was when I really should have left but geezus, My wife has a little bubble ** and so does her mom so when she dropped her towel that's what I got to see and it looked pretty decent, A little cellulite but otherwise not bad and then she crawled up onto her bed.
In my mind I was like "Nope, Just do the door thing", But then also I was like "Is she going to have a quick rub before going out?". Well....Let me tell you....The ole girl still has a few left in her, I heard the night table drawer and was like "Oh **" and then heard her rustling around and getting comfortable before hearing the all too familiar "Buzzzzzzzz", My heart was racing, I kept trying to decide what to do and from the kitchen I could only see one side of the bed, I heard her clear her throat and rustle around a little, I knew I couldn't get much closer without her seeing me and I thought about going outside and seeing if I could peek in the window but there was too much snow and it would have been noisy and would have left tracks.
I decided to take a chance and stepped into the hallway, I tip toed closer to her doorway and the room across the hall from where I was had the door open so I decided to blow my cover and stepped across the hall into the spare room which gave me a full view of the bed and of her, Luck was on my side and she was fixing her pillow and looking the other way as I crossed the hall so now I was in a dark room, about 12 -14 feet from her, Like no kidding I was right there, I could hear how wet she was, I could see every facial expression, Every wrinkle, Every freckle, Every hair.
She is like I said about 5'3", Maybe 140ish, C cups and a hairy **, I hadn't really thought about how I was going to make my escape when the time came or what I would say if she caught me, She started slow and had a little pink ** in her hand, She ran it up and down her chest between her saggy ** and then licked her ** and rubbed her ** a little, She has small brown nips but the one she rubbed stood up real nice and got quite hard, She slid her ** down her stomach to her hairy little **, She actually has a nice ** and it's not super hairy but I could tell she has probably never shaved it but she has a nice innie and no inner ** showing until she reached down with her other hand and spread her lips, Inside she is really nice and pink and wet.
I stood there for about 10 minutes watching her first work her ** then slide her ** in herself and she was super wet, I watched her do that for a couple minutes then I watched her come, The whole thing was, Like I said maybe 10 minutes and then she laid there breathing heavy, Legs spread and laid her ** on the bed as she softly rubbed her wet ** lips then she tilted her head back moaning and had a second ** and that's when I made my escape, and crossed the hallway again, I turned t walk away but as I listened to her moan I couldn't, I turned and confidently walked up to her bedroom door, She locked eyes with me and just started shaking, I said "Oh geezus, I am so sorry" but made sure she seen me take a full look as she laid there legs spread and ** out before I turned away, I said "I'll go to the kitchen". A minute or so later she appeared in a robe and her face was beet red, she was still breathing heavy and I started before she could say anything, I said "I am so sorry, J******* said you wouldn't be here and I just came in to get the garage keys and heard a noise so I went to investigate" She was so embarrassed and said "Oh gawd, I am sorry, I was...I just...Well, You know what I was doing but I mean...I just", She put her hand over her face and I said "It's fine, I apologize, I should have minded my own business", She said "No, I am glad you checked if you heard a noise but...Well...I am not glad right now but if I wasn't here and you heard a noise then I would be".
We talked for a few minutes, I loaded the snow blower and left. I got home and told my wife the story her mom thinks happened incase her mom tells her I didn't want to be caught not telling her and luckily my wife laughed and thought it was funny, Later she said "So...You seen her naked, That's gonna be me in 20 years", I chuckled and said "I would be ok with that", She said "Oh ya?", I shrugged and said "well, Honestly she is just an older version of you with bigger ** and she doesn't shave her...Ya know", She laughed and said "well, Glad you think I will look alright" and rolled over and went to sleep.

Jan 12

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  • She was embarrassed but deep down inside she wished you had done more.

    You should have taken over

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