My step daughter is naughty.

Yesterday I walked around the corner and walked in on my step daughter sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts and a tank top, Shorts pulled to the side and one ** shoved in her ** while taking pictures or video or something, She panicked and screamed dropping her phone and fixing herself up, I grabbed her phone and she begged for it back, I asked what the ** she was doing pretending to be mad when really I don't actually care.
She cried and begged me not to tell her mom and I said 'I think I will hang onto this for a bit until I decide what to do, It was 8 hours until her mom would be home and I looked at the phone, it was unlocked and I said "It's locked now but your mom might want to code later if I tell her", She begged and I said "I need to think about what to do" and walked away. Obviously I wet through her phone and HOLY....
312 pictures of her, Her friends April, Molly and Erin and 5 pictures of her older sister from I would assume our summer holiday where she is ** and 1 of her from behind bent over completely naked which shows everything including her ** hole so I am sure she would not be happy to find that out. In addition there are 38 videos, Apparently she and Molly are a couple and have had Erin join multiple times, and April and Erin are a couple ad have had both Molly and my step daughter join them, Everything from simple make outs to face sitting to full on ** ** and some are recorded first person and some were recorded by someone else.
I air dropped the entire collection to myself and when she came to my office begging for her phone I told her "Ok, Here's the deal, I will give you one freebie but if I catch you again I will be telling her" then gave her a lecture about recording and taking pictures and sharing them with other people.

Jan 12

Next Confession

Not sure if we are the first but probably

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  • Bend her over your knee. Pull down her ** and spank her little **. Then put her on all fours and ** her red stinging puckered ring. Then blackmail her for as long as it's still good and tight. ** when she's legal. Have fun

  • She wanted you to find out and see her and what's going on.
    Wouldn't surprise me if they're all in on it lettings you know

  • How old is she?

  • She just turned 15

  • Wow that’s hot. But she is not legal and you need to get rid of those pics

  • Send em here !

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