Accidental **

I was thirteen or fourteen when it happened. My favorite thing to do when nobody was around was to stay naked. Due to my parents' jobs, I had the whole day to stay naked, particularly when I didn't have school. There were times when I walked around naked and masturbated in various locations around the house. I slept naked too.

I came home early from school one day. Since my parents were at work, I closed the curtains and got completely naked. As I walked up the stairs, I left my clothes on the couch. My bedroom was next to my parents' bedroom. A few feet from their bedroom, I stopped and looked inside. I went into my parents' bedroom instead of my own. I went naked inside their room for the first time.

My right hand held my erect ** while I stood before the full-length mirror. My ** was leaking already, so I stroked myself after rubbing mom's body lotion all over it. While I stroked myself harder and faster, I glanced at my reflection. Just as I was about to release my load, the door opened. As soon as I turned toward the door, I shot a big load of ** onto mom's leg. She was in a towel and my ** was all over her towel, thighs, and a little bit on top of her feet.

Later, I came to know that mom had a stomach issue so she didn't go to work. She was already in the shower when I came home.

For a few days, I could not look at her because of embarrassment.

Jan 16

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  • Should have raised the gun and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed it all directly into her face and hair...

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