Convert a fail to a win

My husband and I have been together 20 years this September, We were a bit wilder back in our younger years but since having kids we have settled way down but have always kinda talked a little about a few of the wilder things we have done or would do and he always talked about how seeing me make out with friends was one of his big turn ons and it is something I used to do quite a bit when I was younger, Ya know just whatever, Get drunk and kiss one of my friends but never really went too far, One time I went a little further with a friend because we were already just in towels after drunkenly skinny dipping and then me and her went to our room and my husband was already in the room. We started joking around and flashed a little with our towels and then me and her kissed and both dropped our towels and groped a little before chickening out.
Anyway my husband and I were at a function with lots of friends there and one of his very good friends had come back to our hotel room with us since his was right next door, We were drunk and being silly, I changed into sweats and a T-shirt but since I know him well I didn't bother with a bra, My husband pulled me onto his lap when I walked back into the room and after a little bit of joking around my husband mentioned something about my ** and his friend said something about being able to tell I wasn't wearing a bra, My husband was teasing me a little grabbing my shirt and threatening to lift it so I called his bluff and lifted my arms.
Ok, Keep in mind I would NEVER show my ** when I was sober, I think they are small, Saggy and ugly but...Apparently in that moment I was not feeling that way and my husband didn't hesitate, He lifted my shirt and went further than I expected, He pulled it right up and wrapped it around my wrists and right away I was like "Oh **". So there I was with my arms above my head and my husband had me sort of ** with my shirt and then he pulled my hands down so they were behind my head, I was like "Aaahhh **" but his friend gulped and stared and my husband held my hands with one hand, Reached around with his other and started pinching and pulling my nips which is an instant turn on for me.
My husband was not wasting any time and invited his friend to join and he did, His friend was groping my ** and then things spiraled out of control, We were laying on the couch and my husband was keeping my hands above my head wrapped up in my shirt, His friend had knelt beside the couch and was feeling me up and then sucked my left nip and I moaned, After that things got heavy, My husband stood up and one handed undid his pants and pulled them down, I started sucking him and I don't remember what his friend was doing but then he moved out of the way and his friend took control of my hands, He kissed me and sucked my nips while my husband took off my pants.
His friend let go of my hands and I undid his pants, Pulled out his ** and was stroking it as my husband pulled off my sweats and spread my knees, His friend slid one hand between my legs and was rubbing me and slipped a ** in as my husband basically watched while **, I was so wet and so ** and then as my husband knelt between my legs his friend put his hand on my ** and started squeezing my **, His friend leaned over me and I started licking the underside of his shaft as my husband slid his ** in me, I tilted my head back and moaned and......
All of a sudden his friend grunted and I felt his load come through his shaft as I held it, I was like "No, No, No" but it was too late, Right across my face, On the back of the sofa, and he came like 4 or 5 squirts and I just laid there, I absolutely hate facials, I think it's disgusting and degrading and my husband is well aware and he stopped and froze as I laid there not moving, I knew I had come all over my mouth but I had to open my mouth and said "Get me a ** towel" then gagged because I had come in my mouth but I swallowed it down and then felt a towel land on my stomach, I wiped off and sat up.
My husbands friend was standing there and I didn't want to freak out and lose my ** on him so I just looked up at him and said "Not cool M***, I don't like that", He apologized and I knew the mood was done but I also knew my husband wanted it so I tried, I reached out and grabbed him pulling him close, I stroked him and he was starting to get a little hard so I lifted his shaft and licked and sucked his **, That wasn't working so he laid me back and licked me and then stroked himself but after a few seconds he stood up and was limp, I grabbed it and stroked it again and leaned in to ** it but he pulled away and apologized saying it wasn't going to work.
I sat there thinking "** this, You already came on my face, This is happening" but he wasn't having it, I sat back and spread my legs rubbing myself and asked if he wanted to watch so he did for a minute or so and he just wasn't getting hard and he was all embarrassed and basically jumped up, Got dressed and I kept trying to get him to stay but eventually he left. My husband and I had ** because I knew he was still very ** even though it was a fail and then the next day we specifically asked his friend to stop by and he did, It was a super awkward couple minutes but we asked him not to say anything to anyone about the night before because it was a first for us and just drunken stupidity, He obviously was happy to oblige and my husband excused himself to the washroom as his friend as going to leave.
I had spoken to my husband before hand and he had agreed to let me have a minute alone with his friend so I walked him to the door and then said "Sooo...Are we cool?, I know you guys are cool but are me and you cool?", He said "haha, Well, I hope so, I mean I kinda ruined it by coming way too soon and...On your face", I took his hand ad slid it up my shirt and said "Well, Maybe next time will be better", He squeezed and played with my ** and said "Next time?, Well...If there is a next time I would like that". I got on my knees and looked up, I said "yes he knows" and unzipped his pants and he got hard right away, I sucked him and he pulled my shirt off, He lasted maybe 3 minutes which is decent and then I pulled back when he whispered "I'm gonna come" so I said "On my chest" and he did. I wiped off with my shirt and stood up, He kissed me and left, I walked around the corner and my husband was standing there, He told me he watched the whole thing from the other room, He tossed me on the bed and HOLY....He was so hard and came so fast. So I guess the whole thing started as a fail but I was able to convert it to a win and we will definitely be doing more stuff in the future according to my husband which I think I am happy about...I think....EEEK.

Jan 16

Next Confession

What a night.

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