My cousin married a genius and had a daughter

His daughters IQ is off the chart. She's more intelligent than her mother who is a genius herself. We live within walking distance of each other.

Ok I wondered if the child was too smart to want any dealings with me. I wondered what to buy her to exercise her mind. There just happened to be a good novelty store not far from where we lived.

I bought her the following items. Glass globe that held a liquid that boiled in your hands. A balancing bird that could balance on the edge of a glass and some wind up teeth for comic relief.

She loved the toys so I bought her some monster glasses with scary eyes. She got a lot of other toys from me and she was glad to see me comming.

I took her and her mother on a field trip by a river and crawling everywhere wee frogs so tiny they don't cover a thumbnail. This facinated her and her Mom.

Even though I'm her cousin she calls me Uncle because she loves me.

Later in life she told me my presents while not that great made her love me and that I really didn't need to bring her anything.

Jan 17

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