In the gym locker room...

I was at gym this morning, done with work out, got a shower. i am bi and have the LGBTQ flag colors tattood on my bicep, i wear 2 silver chains on my left ankle and a braid rope of the pride colors on my right ankle - these are my femininity anklets. while putting on my cologne and deodorant a older man complemented me on my pierced ** with rainbow jewelry and my tan. he followed me back to my locker and complemented how nicely i keep my ** shaved and asked if he could stroke my **!! i said NO , not hear ,, fhew did'nt get in trouble management WOW?

Jan 18

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  • My bf has a fem side, wears ladies underwear and looks hot

  • You guys need to stop stealing God's covenant for your demonic, abominable desires. You will NEVER be satisfied. You have a mental illness and it needs to be cured. No such thing as bisexuality, its bs. You end up with 1 gender or the opposite. Pick a side. Thank the Lord, Jesus is returning to fix this confusing, demonic world that you demons are ruining. That's ok, your demographic suicide rates double and your lifespans are cut in half

  • Woman here. I posted the long version of this a long time ago. I go to the gym at least 3 days a week. There is usually a very tall beautiful blonde working out. She always wears loose sweats and a t-shirt. One day I was dressing in the locker room after a shower. She came in and undressed next to me. And OMG did I get a surprise! When she pulled off her sweats I saw the bulge. Then the ** came off and I couldn't help but stare. She had a huge ** hanging between her legs. God it was like twice as long as my husband. She just looked at me and smiled saying "don't worry I am only into guys". She took a towel and walked into the shower.

  • And did it matter that she had male genitalia? Or were you completely fine with it? It seems almost all of us have been seen naked by both men and women so it really shouldn’t matter. I don’t think I would care at all.

  • Thats probably a transformer or a man. Get married to man

  • 45 year old straight male here. Long story short. Finished working out, went to locker room, few other men standing around, went to showers and got in with no one else in the showering cubicles, washed up and was standing in the shower letting soap wash off and feel a hand on my **, begin getting jerked off, I don’t look or say anything, finish and **, the guy says thanks and walks away. Weirdest god damned thing to ever happen to me. The end

  • Ive been wearing mens thong underwear for years,, in the mens locker room they scream gay, plus gay anklets, plus LGBTQ flag colors on my tattoo, plus pierced **,,,,oh ya -im only bi??

  • I stepped forward, put my hand on the back of his head and smooshed his face around under my erect ** and on my **. I humped his face for a minute then stepped back and put my now drooling ** up to his lips. I wiped the precum on his lips and told him to "lick it up".

    He obeyed beautifully. I said, "you want to ** me off, don't you". "I want you to ** me and swallow my **".

    His eyes were glazed over and he could hardly speak. He nodded his head 'OK' and I inserted the head of my VERY stiff, oozing ** into his mouth. The air was electric. My heart was pounding. I was glued to his every move and expression as my demanding hardon slipped in and out of his slick mouth and throat.

    I pulled back so he could lick the head and ** more ** out of my urethra. I told him to lick and ** harder. I gripped his head tighter and pushed more of my ** into his throat. I wanted to hear him and feel him gag on it but not vomit.

    The BJ was now setting sloppy and his saliva mixed with my ** was dripping in long stringers on the floor. I thrust in and out, in and out until I felt it coming. My ** was building and I was going to make sure he swallowed it. Two hands on his head. My stiff ** thrusting in and out. I was breathing hard and just let it go. I pulled back so I was ** in his mouth. I wanted him to feel the spurts and ** ** mixture slime, sperm and testerone. I was spurting, hyperventilating and swearing.

    At this point, I totally owned him. He was my submissive ** slave and I would make him obey my every command. I ordered him, "swallow it god damnit!" "Get it all". "Lick my ** clean!" I stood over him as his master and looked down at him sucking, slurping and swallowing the remnants from between my legs. He did good . . for his first time!!

  • I'm a sissy boy and wear ladies undies in the locker room

  • Oh yes , l bet you look SOOOO gorgeous as well

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