Telling my dad i was bisexual..omg

Some time ago on this site I (58) wrote about telling my dad (79) i was bi,,, i went to his house and showed him my LGBTQ flag tattoo that i just got on my arm,,, i showed him my nipp piercings with rainbow colored jewelry,,,i showed him my ankle bracelet of rainbow colored cords and on my other ankle, the bracelet of silver chain. i did not show him my PA because it seemed like everything i am telling him at this point is shocking to him and i'm not sure he is not in shock?? 3-4 weeks have gone by and he is calling me more often than usual asking how i am,, and today he asks me more detailed questions about being bisexual. i was amazed because i never thought any of it really sunk in?? oh ,, it did-- it all sunk in,,, and he starts to tell me ,,, he had a bisexual relationship 20yrs ago WTFO?? OMG ,,i tried not to fall over ,, i was beyond amazement. who would you think? wow for real??

Feb 3

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  • Bisexuality means you're incredibly confused on which gender you like, in the end, its a phase. If you're a woman begging for attention by flirting with women, you'll end up with a guy. Same applies to "bisexual" men, they usually end up with women. Because THATS natural. Get right with Jesus. He can cure you and your mental illness. That's what homosexuality is after all. You're sick.

  • Are you trying to kill him?

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