Why I wanted to be a Cuckold husband.

Let me introduce myself, started my career back in 2010 as an IT Engineer like every other typical Indian who wants to earn and save for future without enjoying the present. Being an IT guy, I was always into technology and didn't talk with the girls or any female colleagues.

And was not confident always while talking with the girls and slowly I started looking online sites for a person to chat back in 2012, there I met a guy named Kumar and we started talking regularly over the chatting sites and later exchanged our mobile numbers.

We usually talk about beautiful Girls; Aunties especially married ones and we have shared many common interests. And daily early in the morning we used to chat for an hour and exchange pictures of ** married aunties over Facebook or WhatsApp. We used to talk each and every part of the Woman we see in the pictures, specifically he likes Lips and Hair of a married woman. I love the pics where woman shows her Mangala Sutram over her **. These ** things we used to discuss during our conversations, and I started loving his company.

A fine day we met him in Hyderabad and went out for a bike ride with him and roamed in the city looking ** aunties and girls in the busy streets. Whenever he sees a woman who is **, he just tells me to look into her and I used to scan from top to bottom. It was very exciting, and we used to enjoy a lot.

The best part was I was the one who always takes the lead and collect all the ** woman photos from the FB, WhatsApp DPs, Pinterest, Instagram etc. and other social media platforms of known and unknown peoples. We share the pics among ourselves and ** on those ** women we see, and it was very existing for us.

Slowly we developed feelings towards each other, and we started liking each other and I feel myself as his Wife or Partner. One day no one was at my home in Hyderabad, and I invited him to my home to have our regular fun but this time we wanted to ** mutually Infront of each other. He got ready nicely in a check's shirt and a fit Denim pants. I was in a short and T-shirt, I invited him to my home with a big smile and hugged him in the main entrance. This was our second meeting and we wanted to try something **, we were talking about ** and beautiful aunties, and something came into my mind, I told him that I'll cross dress myself as a woman. He smiled and blushed then I said my Sister-In-Law's sarees are there and wanted to give a try and he nodded yes for that.

Then I went to Sister-In-Laws bedroom and took her beautiful fancy saree, back open blouse, petticoat and BRA. And he helped me to wear the saree and I applied a Bindi also. I was really looking like a ** married woman. And we started kissing each other and spent a whole good time on that day. I kissed his neck and sucked his **. He loved it a lot and we enjoyed our first ** ** session.

He imagined me as Woman and ** my mouth for the first time, that's when I lost my virginity to him.

Later I moved to a different city for work, but we were in regular touch. And keeps continuing to exchange ** aunties pics and ** on them. We don't hesitate in talking anything about ** and body parts of the woman.

One day in 2017 I came back to Hyderabad for a family function and invited him too [where we both can see some ** aunties in the family function and sang on them], there he saw a middle-aged aunty somewhere around 40 to 45 years and he liked her a lot. She was in a ** satin saree with sleeveless blouse. And she applied nice makeup and dark RED lipstick, she wore her Managala Sutram over her saree. We both saw that ** aunty and shagged by talking about her in one of the bedrooms and it was a best moment.

He stayed back in Hyderabad, and I again moved to Pune for my work and we didnt' get another chance to meet again till 2022. But we were in contact regularly over the Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook and Gmail.

Later I moved to Bangalore in January 2019 and got married to my **, curvy, hot wife ANU. I found my wife in a match making website and whenever I get a profile from the matching making site, I used to share him in WhatsApp and asks for his opinion. He gives me rating to all the profiles and finally he shortlisted my ** wife ANU as a perfect match for me.

I went for 3 dates with my ANU and finally fixed the engagement later I blocked my friend in all the platforms saying that I got engaged. It was a greatest sin I have done to him and was not in contact with him for a year, but I remembered his phone number.

My marriage life was going very well and have a ** wife and I forgot him completely with the love of my wife.

I know the things will not be easy and same all the time, the greatest thing called LOCKDOWN had come and we (me and wife) got struck in village for nearly 6 months. And she started questioning my income, parents' income and all things. We started fighting over the financial issues and one day I left her at her parent's place over a big fight.

I came back to my village and started looking into my fake Facebook account and messaged Kumar (my ** partner) late night at 1 AM but surprisingly he replied to me like a person missing me for years. I told him about marriage and the fights I had with my wife. And chatted for an hour and I felt very good after talking with him after many years.

Next day morning he messaged me a good morning with a heart and kiss symbol, and I started remembering our old memories and the ** we had over aunties. As a token of restarting the friendship I sent a ** hot housewife photo from Facebook to him over WhatsApp. And then we started talking about that pic for and shagged together while chatting.

We continued chatting and fights with wife also got sorted out slowly, one day he asked me to share my wedding pics. Without any second thought I sent my engagement and wedding pics to him in WhatsApp. He messaged me saying that my wife is so cute and looks very nice, I asked him to talk freely like how we used to talk about aunties back then. He was also surprised, and he said that ANU is ** and especially he liked her Lips, Neck and Hair. I got erected by listening to his words.

We kept continue to chat about ANU and he said that ANU is like a dream housewife, and she exactly looks like a typical Indian Aunty with nice saree, deep neck blouse, Mangala Sutram over her ** and he really liked her a lot. And we both had a voice call and talked about the beauty of ANU. Finally, after a year we shagged each other over my wife while looking her pics. This was the turning point in my life towards Cuckold feelings.

Jan 20

Next Confession

My bf fondled my ** during **

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