I am that skinny woman

I read an article on this site about someone who likes skinny women. It was refreshing to read that there are guys out there that actually like skinny women. It was refreshing because I am a skinny woman. I am 5’7” tall and weigh 118 lbs. I am only a 34 B on top. I get shamed all the time and told I need to eat more and put some meat on my bones. I am comfortable with who I am and how I look. I am a size 2. However I don’t go out much because I don’t get asked. I go braless most of the time because my ** aren’t that big. I have been told I have nice ** and I like when they poke out and can be seen under my top. I like wearing short skirts and like to have guys look at me when I do. Sometimes I can’t tell if guys are looking because they think I’m too skinny or they like what they see. A few times I know they like what they see and have given them more to see by letting my skirt get shorter when I sit down. I am 45 but look 25 but I still don’t get approached much. I have been told I should be a runway model but I still get shamed by men and by women. Women are the worst. I don’t diet and eat what I want but remain thin. I do exercise and my body is toned but compared to others today I am considered skinny. I guess I just wanted to vent a little and say I’m glad there are still some men that still like skinny women. Maybe someday I’ll meet someone who likes me the way I am. If I do, he won’t be sorry and might be surprised what I would be willing to do for him. Hint: I would love a man that wants to show me off. I could have a closet full of short skirts and dresses for him to show me off in. Want to show a skinny gal to your friends? I can do that.

Jan 21

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Mini skirt and no **

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  • You sound like a very delicious woman, love thin ladies.

  • You sound incredible.

    How old are you? Do you live in Texas?

  • Don't stop being who you are. This beautiful woman inside and out. You sound like you are a very ** lady. Keep turning those heads. Email me if you want. Accrossthesea64@gmail

  • Skinny chicks can do nothing for you. Having ** with a skinny chick is like doing it with a garden rake with spider arms. All bones and hard angular surfaces are a complete turn off.

  • Text me

  • Wow your amazing

  • I'm in middle Georgia ... and if you somewhat local, I'd approach you in a heart beat.

  • I would love to be with you. Your body type, from your description, is exactly what I like most!

  • I, and I think many men, find your body type very attractive. Way more than most American women who are simply fat but like to think of themselves as “thick” or “curvy” or have a nice “booty”. They are fat cows.

  • **, I would take you out in heart beat.... Too bad your not in South Carolina or near by.

  • Us guys have become scared wuses and fearful of being called out by women. So we don;t ask when we should. Where are you located - what city?

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