Wrestling with two sisters

Growing up I had two sisters as neighbors and they were a year apart. I saw them wrestling each other. They were in tight jeans and bras. I watched them wrestle and was hoping to be able to wrestle them. After they got done I wrestle the younger sister first and then the older sister. It was some of the best wrestling I have done with any girl. We would wrestle for many years. Have you ever had this experience.

Jan 23

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  • I never had the opportunity to wrestle with two sisters. Just one girl in the family or two sisters but one was too young or too old to wrestle or was not interested in wrestling. But wrestling with girls I found out the longer you wrestle with her the better. You both gain trust and respect for each other. You feel free to touch and grab while wrestling but keep it appropriate. With this your wrestling becomes extremely competitive and rough and tuff. You are both willing to use all different techniques and holds on each other. You both enjoy grabbing and groping each other while you wrestle. You like the feeling of wrestling with each other. This way you have a ton of fun wrestling.

  • Hello I am a girl who loves wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with the boys. I agree with the person from above. The longer you wrestle with the same person you really do gain trust and respect in them. Your wrestling becomes more extreme and competitive and rough but you know it will be all appropriate and safe. This one guy that I wrestle with, we have that going for us. We can get all tangled together and be grappling and grabbing with each other doing all different wrestling 🤼‍♀️ holds on each and know we will have a great time.
    Have fun wrestling 🤼‍♀️

  • I also wrestle with two sisters. They were two years apart on age. I was the age of the Oder one. The younger sister was about 20 pounds heavier than us but she was far from being fat. The younger sister would wrestle in Jean leggings and the older sister in wrangler jeans. I love wrestling with girls. I think it’s the extreme close contact of the sport. I win 7-10 matches from them. They are about even in wrestling against each other. I love pinning them or better yet getting them in a tight submission hold. Being on top of them and feeling them under me is great. We will wrestle for many years. The wrestling got better over the years.

  • I elementary school girls reach their height and weight before boys as a rule. Around 7-8 grades boys start to grow in height. But they do not on average gain weight until late high school or beyond. Girls I knew I had a height advantage but they were not fat but they did have a weight advantage. I remember this one girl who was a tomboy asked me if I wanted to wrestle with her. I agreed. The first few years wrestling with her she would pin me 8-10 matches. As we got in that 7-8 grade range our matches were about 50/50.
    I like it that we would wrestle extremely rough and tuff and applying all different techniques and we wrestling 🤼‍♀️ holds on each other. I enjoy her pinning me in those early years and holding me down and controlling the match. I enjoyed being pinned with her ** to **. Then as we entered that 7-8 grade range I could pin her and make her tap. I could put my pressure on her ** to **. Now we knew all wrestling was even is was a lot of fun. Whoever got the pin snd was on top we made sure that our ** to ** position would be a thing of satisfaction to us both. We did not have ** but we did enjoy our wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each other.

  • I, M, wrestled a tomboyish girl at my school. I was skinny, wimpy, kinds fem and she said she cud whoop me. Welp she did, but I loved her firm body on mine

  • I agreed. I you can not pin her and she has you pin and she has mounted you ** to ** in your jeans you have still won. Especially if she does some grinding on you. Keep wrestling with her.

  • If I wrestle with a girl and she pins me it’s still a win with her on top of me. If I wrestle her and pin her I roll her over on top of me to enjoy the feeling of her being on top. It’s a win no matter who wins

  • Same here. I wrestle with this tomboy. She pin me in a leg cradle so fast I did not know what happened. We go again I have her in a headlock we go to the ground and she roll me over and I am in a full body cradle and I am pin once again. The next match was very embarrassing has I had to submit to her in a school girl pin. Now I am on top of her and once again she breaks free and pins me in a full body pin our last match was no better had she has gotten me into a grapevine position. I tap out as she keeps me down I tap her ** to tap out and she holds it just a little more she lets me up. Only good thing about our wrestling I liked feeling her on top of me. No I did not lose on purpose she was by far the better wrestler.

  • Same here I love wrestling with girls they just wrestle better than most boys. I can most times win 6 or 7 times out of ten. I do not feel bad if I lose because girls are good wrestlers these days. There was one girl I could only pin here once out of ten matches. I did not care. It’s was amazing feeling having her on top and being in control of me. It’s a win win

  • Same thing happened with me. We were at the park . Me and three friends of my. This girl we know is by far a tomboy all the way. We are all taller than her but she outweighs us. She is not fat but just bigger than us. She states that she can wrestle 🤼‍♀️ and beat us all. She wrestled and beat my first friend easily. Up next she destroyed my second friend and pinned him. My third friend lasted longer. We do not know if she was getting tired all just toying with him. Just that fast she flipped him over and got him pinned and was on top of him and enjoying her victory. Now it’s my turn, I am not afraid to wrestle her or even to lose to her. I would like to at least give her a hard time in pinning me. We start wrestling with each other and I totally surprised her and had her on the ground in a grapevine position and she just got her hands on my ** and rolled me over into a very uncomfortable position and was applying a rough full body pin on me. She would not let me go even though I had tap out. I tap her ** to let her know I am tapping out. She pulls me harder and tighter towards her and we are ** to ** in our jeans. I can not get up but I am also enjoying this tomboy pinning and laying on me.

  • It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrestle the tomboy and was pinned by her. I am heading home from the park and we run into each other. I asked her if she wanted to wrestle. She asked me if I was sure since she pinned me out last time. I told yes, saying that I most like would lose I think I will give her a good match. She are circling each other and I grab her by a headlock and we are on the ground grappling and grabbing each other. Some groping also happens. We have both been on top and bottom of each applying different techniques and holds on each other. I have hold of her one leg and I can feel her muscular legs and thighs getting hard inside her jeans. I am on top trying to get a full body pin on her and she uses those legs to flip me over and she has me pinned in a full body ** to ** hold. I tap out. She lays on top of me still and told she had to work to pin me. I asked if we could wrestle with each other on a regular basis since I enjoy wrestling with her. She smiles and told me she most definitely would like do to that. We walked out of the park together with our arms around each other until we go different ways home. We will wrestle again.

  • The tomboy and I met at the park again to do some more wrestling. She is a good looking girl In her jeans and t shirt. We start wrestling and I somehow have gotten her to the ground. I am pulling her into a full body cradle and she is able to lift her legs wrapped them around my waist and roll me over a leg cradle for the pin. She said to me you are getting better I had to wrestle harder to pin you. We go again and we are locked together on the ground and rolling around grappling and grabbing with each other. We are now pin on top in control or on the bottom of each other trying to get free. I have her in a headlock with one hand a hand rubbing her ** and then going between her legs so I am now able to mount her and pin her in a full body position and the pin. I hear a sound from her and asked if she is ok and states she is. I am now ** to ** laying on top of her and I can feel movement coming from her jeans tight body as I pin her. She taps out. We congratulate me on pinning her. I am extremely hard and ** and I believe she is also. Wrestle extremely rough in our last match. It get her s long time to put me into a grapevine position which she moves up onto the top of me for a tight body position with extreme pressure and strength on both of our crotches. She has the pin snd I tap out and she asked if we can hold each other and not let go just yet. I said yes and we are now kissing and grinding on each other. They have both ** together and are wet and we do not let go yet. We finally get up and kiss again and hold each other. We hold hands and hold each other around their waist and I walk her home. From that day on we still wrestle followed by wide make out sessions. We now wrestle with each other even of who wins and loses. We are a item and we are now dating.
    Now we will see what happens next,

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