Asian women

I need to find an Asian woman. In their culture they are always open to wrestle with men. They truly enjoy wrestling and these gals can really wrestle. I understand they are good in **. And they are hot in tight jeans

Jul 3

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  • If you have an asian woman, just keep a lot of spray as their ** can stink out an entire house. Their diet rips their guts apart.

  • If you have a ** fetish, they're the best. Asians ** openly and have the worst smelling gas ever. I ** a vietnamese girl back in the 90's and she'd ** openly and simply not care. I've since learned it's common.

  • This is true. I once dated an asian and she'd pass gas anywhere and laugh.

  • I totally agree!
    Tried dating white girls here in the US and they're either addicted to drugs, mental health issues, lesbians or already have 2 or 3 brown babies and looking for someone to support their a$$.
    Got stationed in Korea and married a gorgeous Korean girl.

  • Lol. You fvcking clown. Have you ever actually MET an Asian woman or been to Asia? Er.....NOPE.

  • Asian women are hot but they don’t wrestle with rednecks or closet gays.

    Asian women aren’t fat like American women, that’s why they look hot in tight jeans. They dress nicely too, like they care. None of this cow beast from the Midwest wearing sweats and thinking they are hot their bare midriff jiggles around their Muffintop.

    They are tight firm…..mmmmm

  • Whoa, slow down. Fat women are hot. My wife weighs over 400 pounds. She wears a 2 piece at the beach and the bottom half is one of those cheeky cuts and it just disappears into her **. Men and women alike can't look away, she's so hot. I feel very fortunate.

  • Not sure where you live but here in the U.S. most Asian women are pretty feminine, dress nicely, aren’t fat like most Americans, love luxury brands and are about as opposite as any American women can be. Most are hot, while the cattle-fed American women dress in sweats, are loud, and usually have a feed bag strapped around their necks.

  • Agree
    white b*ches only good 4 makin brown babies

  • I found an Asian and the only thing I do is ** the daylights out of her. She has great legs and a great **. She broke up with her BF to be with me. He once tried to face time with her trying to get her back. I made her answer as I had her on all 4s and was pumping my ** in her tight **. He wouldn’t hang up and kept saying why would you do that. She liked the attention and left the phone on. He stayed on as she came hard and I flipped her over and ** my load on her face. Then made her clean me ** with her mouth. He was crying when I hung up and told him that her ** is so tight and I was going to put a baby in her tummy and would send her back to him when I was done with her. I did put a baby in her and she is expecting. I was going to break up with her but she had one of her hot friends join us for a **. I kept her and am now ** her friend. I want to have them both pregnant at the same time. Both are submissive so il keen them both as long as I can. Il keep everyone posted to see what happens.

  • Let us know when you wake up from your bvllshit dream, lol.

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