I find it fun to hurt boys **

So let me start by saying I'm 15, and I have 2 brothers who are 13 and 18. I just recently got into ball busting as ig it's called. I accidently hit my younger brother when we where playing football. I felt really bad at first, but I felt a sense of impowerment. Later that day I decided to punch my older brother, and make it seem like an accident. After he fell down, I really got turned on. Since then I've been finding any chance I can to hit then in the nuts. One day he was laying in his bed watching TV, and I snuck in his room and punched his nuts. After he fell down I decided to grab his hands and kick him a few times. He ended up telling my mom and I got in trouble, but I plan on doing it again sometime soon. I haven't yet tried kicking any other boys at school though. Idk if I'm the only girl who feels this way.

Jan 23

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  • Girls rule

  • You should carry on hitting your brothers in the nuts! Try all sorts of things out, punching, kicking, squeezing you name it!

  • I am a submissive husband. My wife is the the dominant one in our relationship. I am also somewhat of a masochist. Early on she insisted on being on top with sex. This progressed to her deciding when I get to orgasm. Over time we explored both my submissive and masochistic side. At one point she noted that I had replaced the pleasure of orgasm with pain. That was true. We would often have me abstain for a month or more and I would ask her to hold my stiff member and dig her fingernails in. Also we would discuss how I liked it when she make the decisions and I hated questions like have you had enough. While I am here, a punishment is when she isolates me. No physical touch and basically ignoring me. Pain is not a punishment. One day she said she was going to kick me in the balls to see how I liked it. No asking would I like her to do it. I stood there in my undies so as to hold everything in close with my legs spread apart and my hands on my head. She brought one foot up like a footballer kicking for goal. It was a bit awkward but I doubled over in pain. At that instant I hated it. She refused to discuss it for 24 hours. By then I had gotten over the pain and started to fanaticize about it and get aroused. So when she asked me I explained that. So now every now and then she will announce a similar activity. We have had kids so there's no detriment about my balls getting bruised or damaged.

  • I would pay you to do that to me

  • I wish I knew a girl that world hurt me like that

  • It's actually pretty common and I've had friends that were girls that would love kicking me in the balls if you want to hear some stories I would love to tell you

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