I hate him that's the way i describe him..
ever since i raised my ankles around his shoulders and allowed him to penetrate me ever so slowly and teasingly ..being divorced for nearly 2 years i had a hard time adjusting to the way men treat women nowadays ..
I knew Jack before i got married ..he had been divorced longer then i ..and was not in a rush for another relationship .....before i realized on a night out with him i ended up in his house getting totally used and abused sexually ...i ouldn't believe what had i done i was not raised in such a manner i'm miss prim and proper here.....but my puss wasn't having none of that nonsense it wasn't even 24 hrs later and my ** was throbbing and begging for his huge **... i Texted him and told him we shouldn't had done it ...
He texted me and asked how my ** was because it took some adjusting to get him in......but he performed on my ** getting me off in a wonderful ** ....i told i couldn't talk like that and wouldn't ....
but i did admit it was feeling wonderful...he wouldn't accept the word " IT "..after awhile i was forced to say ** and it didn't take long for me to text him and tell him that i was coming over for ** and ** inter action ..it's been a year and i've had more ** with Jack in 2 months then i had with my ex-husband ...i've learned to accept that between 2 people you can feel free to express your sexual feeling ..but i hate him for releasing my devilish behavior that i didn't know i had

Jan 27

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Woman wanting to bust me at the Beach with my Wife

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  • No you don’t—you adore his cock & how he makes you cum buckets, repeatedly. What you hate is the cognitive dissonance and internal conflict between the sexual intimacy you have versus the arbitrary roles and expectations you were raised to comply with. Stop judging yourself by a standard you never really had a choice to agree with and enjoy every last delicious moment of primal sex with your man for as long as you can. All good things…

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