I suspect my mum and dad are swapping partners with her brother and his wife, i have noticed they seem very close, but i dismissed the thought as disgusting, until i was going out for the evening when i got as far as the bus stop i realised i had no money with me, i walked back home, i tried to unlock the doo but it was bolted , i saw the curtains twitch, it was a couple of minutes
before mum opened the door i noticed mums blouse wasn't buttoned propyl
she had a skirt on that zipped at the waist and wasn't fastened propyl i could see bare flesh and no knickers, she seemed a bit flustered,

Jan 27

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  • I suspect my wife and her brother having a sexual relationship, i don't mind i would have been up for it, i would have liked to watch him giving her one ?

  • I don't know if this counts but one time my dad was out of town and mom thought I was staying overnight at a friends house to game. They had a family emergency so I came home.
    I heard a car pull in the driveway. I looked and it was mom. There was a second car pull in and it was a guy she worked with. I turned out my lights and stayed quiet. They went strait to the bedroom.
    I could hear them F**king all night! Let's just say my mom is very vocal and loves rough s**. Oh yeah, the guy must have a big c**k because she kept telling him how big he was and how much she loved it.
    They took two breaks in between their f**king.
    He left around 4am. I guess he was all F**ked out.
    Ok. I'll admit I couldn't sleep either. I j**ked off numerous times.
    I was in the kitchen when mom woke up. You should have seen her face when she realized I was home all night.

  • So did you tell your Dad?

  • No.
    But over the years mom never said anything about me having girls over or smoking pot. lol
    Also, I'm working on posting the entire story on here if I can figure it out.

  • How do you feel about it ?
    what did your mum say about the locked door, its more common than you think, Let me know i am interested.

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