Desperate, Mum made bedroom proposals to my husband.

My mum wants my husband to sleep with her... it was at xmas party last year I found out and I was shocked after her asking him if he remembered her asking him before covid! he never said anything to me and now I can't quit thinking about it.
She’s my mum so this thought that she made a proposal 2 or more times is very disturbing me. this time was in back hall between her bedroom and kitchen but last time would have been at our house near my bedroom.
This bedroom proposal involving her and my husband before xmas dinner made everything weird. I dont even know what i'd call myself if they actually did the deed but i can't stop thinking about my loving husband caving to my mum's charms. it's become an obsession.
Sharing on Reddit wasn’t a good idea, the woman who shared most said she recently discovered that her husband had been having holiday affairs with her mum for years, now I’m freaking out that this might happen with my husband too because they both go to gyms and stay in really good shape. my mum is still really pretty woman in her 40s, but I’ve put on some pounds after second kid.
I'm desperate. What should I do?

Jan 30

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  • You should let Mum bl** him. That way you don’t have to and they each get what they want.

  • Wear out your husbands d*** young lady.
    Be the naughty girl in his life.....flirt, flash when the kids aren't around. Talk dirty to him , etc.
    Out-female your mom!

  • Don’t make a big issue of it. If you do you will only alienate yourself from your mom and/or your husband. Making a big deal of it will make your husband feel as though you don’t trust him and that can only be bad.

    Instead, make sure you husband is well attended to. Make sure he has no reason to go to your mom for his sexual desires.

    In other words, if a woman is a good wife and tends to her man. She will have nothing to worry about

  • I think the wife should tell him that she loves him and that he responds and says he loves her. Keep saying it to each other. If you are alone wrestle with your husband. Wear tight jeans and tank tops to make in keep us eyes on you. Wear your underwear to bed and suggest that you do nude wrestling. Made very passionate imitate love with him. Talk dirty and give hints what you want to do to him. Give kisses and pats on his rear has he goes by you.
    I truly believe that this will work. I am not messing around with my mother in law nor has she said about doing anything nor do I want anything from her. But if I did and my wife started to the things above I would carry her to the bedroom and throw her on the bed strip her and make very passionate love to her. I would rock her world.

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