My ** Awakened

Ever since I was a young lad I've had a **. I'm was the middle child in my house and I had 2 sisters. My older sister Marie (Not her real name) was 2 years older then me and my younger sister Chloe (Not her real name) was a year younger then me. When we were young they would always team up on me. we would play fight and Marie would usually pin me and Chloe would step on my face. One day when I was 11 we were play fighting and I had Marie pinned. Chloe came rushing into the room and shoved me off of Marie. I fell to the floor on my back and Marie used the opportunity to get on top of me and hold me down. Chloe then walked up to me and put her foot right on top of my nose and pressed down pretty hard. Marie was adamant that she wouldn't let me go unless I promised to do what she said for the entire day. At first I said no and struggled but after a short while I grew tired of Chloe's foot basically smooshing my face. I gave up and said ok and Marie laughed at me and got off. She said that Chloe and herself are the queens and I am the butler. She then said to pay respects to the queens I must kiss their feet. I immediately say no because I was just smothered under Chloe's feet for a few minutes and Marie said that I had committed treason and I need to be punished. She then pushed her foot onto my lips and said she wouldn't move it until I licked her foot. Chloe joined in and demanded the same. I tried to resist but I just wanted to get it over with so I could go do something else. I stuck my tongue out and started licking Marie's foot. I gave it a small lick and she giggle and demanded I lick her whole foot. I gave her foot a few long licks and Chloe pushed her foot against my face harder. she wanted her foot licked as well. I had to lick both of there feet from the heel to the toes. Marie wanted me to lick in between her toes as well and after I was done I just layed down on the floor and complained that I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. and that was the moment my ** was awakened.

Feb 3

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  • My mom spent long hours on her feet for her job. She would come home bone tired and put her feet up on a pillow while lying on the couch. One day, when I was 11 or 12, I offered to rub her feet. She thought I was so sweet. I started doing it regularly and noticed I was getting an ** when I touched her foot and toes.

    It was around the time I started masturbating. Occasionally, my mom would doze off when I rubbed her feet. One day while rubbing her feet, she fell asleep and I got excited and pulled out my ** and started to ** off. I had a good view up her dress to her **. I was in heaven.

    I masturbated several times like that -- rubbing her feet and looking up her dress while she nodded off. I thought I was getting away with it, but once when I did this, I noticed that her eyes weren't completely closed and she smiled a little when I squirted. She didn't say anything and I kept doing it.

  • I don't remember when mine came around, but it was when I was young. Perhaps it was the time that I was in the second grade and a good friend of mine, Anna (Not her name) was wearing cute pink sneakers, like Vans, but some other brand and the color caught my eye. She was obviously not wearing socks, because she was wearing them a little loose and sliding her heel out of them a little in class. I thought that was actually really hot and this began my fetish for women wearing their shoes without socks!

  • I love women's feet in tights. If she was wearing black tights and heels or trainers I could sniff and taste the sweaty nylon all day.Id love a hard working woman, a nurse for example to slip off her shoes after her shift and I'd lick and ** them clean.

  • I hope that you get a taste of what you want!

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