Caught up-skirting my own wife!

Younger wife and I worked same office complex. I was maintenance she was IT, setting up Dell's on each desk. At one point I was under a desk working when she straddled my hips over me while she was working on top of the desk. She had on a nice short clingy sweater-dress. I pretended to be having difficulties under there - while up-skirting her and very much enjoying her long legs and those little yellow bikini **! (she had a nice 'wedgie'!!) I made the mistake of unclipping my cell-phone for a flash/pic.. when her lady boss walked up, saw what was going on , took her by the arm and said, "Um, need to give him space while he's working under there!"
When I finally came out I noticed that 3 or 4 of her co-workers at their desks were giggling at what the two of us were doing!
My two young male trainees were standing there with their mouths hanging wide open.....until one of the girls said, "Relax, boys - those two are married!"
I saw my wife smiling as she walked away.
Girl loves to flirt!

Feb 4

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  • She's your wife you can ** her tf is wrong with you?

  • **!

  • Had an unfortunate incident I'm always leaving my Quran lying about so when I brought my first puppy home the first thing he did was ** my Quran off the table and chew it to bits now I can't use it I think I'll just rescind it to the local masjid and say hi to the sketchy Arabs loitering about on my way to the shop

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