I tried to increase my Karma. I failed

I could tell my job was going to end soon in termination. I used to give a beggar some money everyday on my way to work. He would beg at a stop light and I'd give him a few dollars every day. I did this kindness in an effort to increase my positive Karma.

My efforts were in vain. I was fired and I never drove by the beggar again. We both lost.

Feb 15

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  • Karma doesn't work like that, though that's the popular Western interpretation. What comes from you returns to you, conscious and unconscious, and is much more about your lot in life than what you do and don't do on a conscious level.

    For example, if I was a ** to someone and ruined their day, they go on to carry that with them and in turn ruin someone else's day. A month later, someone who might have been impacted by the long line of negativity might come around randomly and have a negative impact on me. Even that isn't a great way to depict karma, but it's probably a better painted picture than, "I do good and I get good," because it's less about what you purposely do and more about what comes out of you, and how it can return to you.

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