How I think the new Mario games will be.

A lot of people keep thinking about the squeals for the pervious games. What the **? This is like asking for a another new game very early before it even comes out. A example is, "I WANT SUPER MARIO 64 2!!! AND SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE 2!!!" And does Nintendo even announced it? The answer is no! I know Nintendo was actually working for a another Mario 64 game called "Mario 128" which was going to be the sequel but it was cancelled in the development of a new different super Mario game called "Super Mario Sunshine" and it had already came out in 2002 and the development was 2 years before Sunshine came out. People are now calling for Super Mario Galaxy 3 and Super Mario Odyssey 3. Again, how about a new different Super Mario game which can still keep the franchise alive and evolved well. I mean a new 3D Mario story game that is kind of like similar to Super Mario 3D Land and World. I also would love to see the new 2D Mario game. Here is what a new 3D game will be called! Super Mario 3D Area! The 2d Mario game will be with more different powerups and worlds.

That is what the future of Super Mario will actually be!

Feb 15

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  • Mario will be deemed too offensive and will be swapped for a trans POC. Princess will be made to be a tough boss ** lesbian. Bowser will be a swm

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