Girls wrestling girls

I have thing that I love watching two girls rolling around extremely rough and wrestling with each other. The rougher they get the more a turn on it is to watch. The next best thing is if I wrestle with them. Anyone else who loves watching two girls wrestle.

Mar 2

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  • My buddy and I met the two girls at the park. They told us we would wrestle both of them and 2 out 3 pins is the winner. My friend gets pinned twice and he loses to girl one. I wrestle girl 2 and I pin her once and lose two times and I am also a loser. We now wrestle the other girl he now loses two times and he is done. He is 0 for 4 and lose to both girls. I now wrestle the other girl. I get pin and down 0-1. We go again and I pin her and we are now tied at 1-1. This is for the win. I did my best but she totally controlled the situation and she very roughly pinned me showing no mercy. I lose again 1 pin and two loses. These girls can wrestle. We had fun and we all want to wrestle more. We need to practice more. We do a lot of wrestling with each other. Then we both wrestle with some girls that we have wrestled with in the past. These girls beat us appx 4 out of 10 but all matches are good ones. We do win 7 out 10 each this time but in very extremely hard and rough matches. We are now ready for the new girls. See you then

  • We are now ready to wrestle the girls that beat us. Now it’s the best of five . We both win two times and loss three times they still beat us but it was harder for them. After a few more times wrestling each other. We are eventually matched and we have fun in our wrestling. We each liked one of the girls over the other. We are now wrestling with our girl but we do wrestle with all of us. We keep this up for many years.

  • I was watching two gals wrestling extremely rough and tuff. They have been putting each other into all different wrestling holds. The one girl pins the other with a tight grapevine hold. They are wearing tight jeans. I could see the ** the bottom with her legs spread wide apart and see her ** and the ** top her legs were also spread and a nice view of her rear end.
    Then both girls wrestled into a ** to ** hold. I did not wrestle them that day but I was extremely aroused hot and ** that I ** in my underwear just watching.

  • The next day I watch the same two gals wrestling up a storm. Once they looked hot in their jeans. They were both on top or bottom of each other many times. They were just applying for different positions and holds on each other, I am very aroused and ** watching them wrestle. They did get each other into the grapevine and ** to ** hold but the roles were reversed in up had the upper hand and the pin. Nice views of ** and rear ends. I am once again wet but what a show. These two gals can really wrestle. After they were done they told me to bring a friend the next time and the four of us can wrestle. I agreed to that. Now I have to call my buddy. I am sure he is willing to wrestle with these girls.

  • Once you go black you get herpes

  • Nobody gives a sh** about your stupid wrestling fantasies! Go away!

  • You should just go on sites that you enjoy and stay off any you are not interested in . You just a big bully that’s determined to keep people enjoying their tastes and likes

  • I understand you have never wrestle a girl and have pinned her. The girls always pin you
    What a loser

  • Your little sister even leg sicssors you and you cried to mommy about it
    so sad

  • Even your mom pinned you in a school pin.
    Next your sister pinned you in a figure four leg lock and you cried for mercury.

  • Even your mom has pin you in wrestling

  • Every girl you had to wrestle with in gym class has pinned you. You are now a 100% loser.
    Nice going. Know wonder wrestling with girls is fake. You can not admit you always lose to them.

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