Lost my virginity 3 times

I was quite young when cousins and I felt up each other, but not until I turned 19 did I have a sexual experience. Right after highschool, I took a year off working for a hotel. Then I went to college and found dating sites. Online back then was BBS's, not the internet, and you could post on a shared computer your profile and meet up with others of like interest.

Oral ** with men was my first virginity lost with receiving back door attention only minutes later. After many men, I met up with a few couples, but my first real exp with a woman was when a coworker brought me home, she didn't tell me she had a boyfriend that was never in town until she was crying while I lost my piv virginity. Now I have a thing for sub women whimpering while I force them, but usually I'm the sub one...

It wasn't until after a few couples I met up with that I ever topped a male. we met online, his wife wanted both of our attention that night, and early in the morning she pulled away to make a big breakfast, and I have to say, his bubble ** gave me the courage to cuddle up to him and take what I wanted. I think he was into it too...

so from 20 - 25 I was quite the hedonistic group play ** imbiding **. I never felt like part of any of the groups hough, and never "found my people".. I tried a relationship with one guy, and lasted 7 yrs with 4 seperate women, but at 40, my gf lost her 3rd stillborn and to stop begging for ** I decided to put chastity locking into action. It gave me the embarrassement and real ** blocking to give me the time to think what I really want.

8 yrs later I still wear chastity locked on occasions, but covid has made most events things of the past. and I prefer to tuck anyway. But NNN is more like Lent for me, and I enjoy it, though fail up to 5 times that month, much better than my 14 average a week though... use to be 21.

Mar 2

Next Confession

I hope death comes

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