Hmm..Thats Funny!

I liked this guy a couple months ago. Hes pretty hot, lightskinned as h***, and boy i couldnt stop thinking about him. We started talking and he broke up with this chick named Stephanie. using names...LOL jk. Just using her name.BUT ANYWAY....
Yea, so we talked and one day we ended up f******. From then on he started bringing up s*** that OTHER ppl said. A whole bunch of nonsense and drama that I didnt care for. So for the situation he was bringing in my face, I got proof of my innocence and whatever..Well he suddenly got "busy with his career" and didnt have time. I mean, sometimes he didnt have time before that but he at least tried to call sumtimes or txt. Well long story short, he never came to even SEE the evidence and we ended up being done shortly after.
The thing is....well.....Im glad. :)
Dont get me wrong, he was hot and even through that nonsense i still liked him for a while after that...but really..I didnt care as much as I thought..... :D
I got me a new man and hes pretty damn awesome..and has way better s**. Nice thick d*** that I can get sum real feeling with. And he can beat it up for hours. now THATS WHAT IM TALKING BOUT! So i guess i got what i deserved. Someone whos NOT caught up in what others say and dont think he the s*** all the time. Someone who can really love me, show me their emotions, wants to see me and talk to me and show public affection, someone who wants to MARRY ME! So im happy that that other guy f***** up! He'll never get this good s*** again! Him and Stephie(some white b****), theyre back together and i hope they happy! she'll have to live with that d*** for the rest of her life, just so she can get his money. Well....IM DONE! YAY! :D HAPPY HAPPY I FOUND ME A GOOD MAN FINALLY!!!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • um i was typing that from my phone u a******. wow...why do u ppl come here if i have nothing good to say?

  • Um i didnt want him 4 his money. The white b**** does. I just find it hilarious that he thinks thats wat every1 else wants him 4 except her! So sad but h*** learn his lesson 1 day

  • im not going to read this.... mostly cause i couldnt care less about you....hmmm.....

  • You sound like a real gem yourself.

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