I’m Very Different

I have a confession to make. I am a 15 year old boy who attends high school and am sick of being stereotyped by my teachers. But the truth is, I am Asexual (meaning i have no sexual attraction to anyone) and I am also a celibate (meaning I don’t want to have **). So much so I gave myself a name, a ‘Heterocelibatasexual’ (meaning heterosexual (straight), celibate, and asexual.) What is it with common stereotypes against boys, when people say all they want is ** and violence, it just isn’t true. I was just at a special family event the other day and I was talking to one of my aunties who I get along with very well and she said ‘girls go to school to make friends and socialise and boys could care less,’ then my Dad butted in and said ‘boys are only at school for the girls’. Then I said to them both ‘I arrive to class 20 minutes early, I get my assignments done on time, I don’t give a flying ** about ** or violence, and the time I do spend alone at break is usually in the library reading a book or working on one of my assignments’. Then they both just said ‘your probably very different to everyone else’

Please let me know if you are the same because I feel really left out because not only are stereotypes ** me off but all my friends have ditched me, because I didn’t want to talk about ** with them at break.


Mar 5

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  • Also I did actually sweat a bit but no biggy

  • Swear not sweat

  • You are quite different from the norm, but that’s ok too. When I was younger I had a friend whom I now realize was aesexul and we bugged him relentlessly for turning down one of the hottest girls in school. I feel bad about that now because I really thought that all boys were like me. You’ll have a hard time explaining your lack of sexuality to others, so good luck to you.

  • Thank you mate,
    That makes me feel a little better but you said it.
    I don’t know how to tell people about it

  • Also their is essentially no such thing as the ’norm’ because everyone is different

  • Thank you for helping me realise that

  • You are a young man. I would say. But however I am 14 years old and I consider myself, a teenager and also adolescent.

    Sexism isn't just against females, it's also against males.

  • Good plan. Stay away from women. Just pay for it when you want it. Cheaper. Less stress.

  • I will stay away from women
    But I will never pay for it when I want it because I don’t want it


  • You are a ** **

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