I am a Pansexual

I don’t care what others think of me. I think, what people should do, is be accepting of anyone. This includes people of different sexualities. It’s a great miracle and awesome thing, but my friends accept me as I am. In fact, I think we’re closer now. First, let’s get to the basics about the LGBT community. So bear with me.

Gays. This word is used to describe people of male gender, sometimes female, who like the same gender. It is more commonly known as a guy’s thing, so let’s leave it at that. I had gay friends, and they were treated horribly. They say in the bible that God is against gays, or something of that nature. Complete rubbish.

Lesbians. This word is used to describe women who are able to fall in love with the same s**. For some odd reason, a lot of the community, save for Christians, see lesbians and often like them. Yet the still shun gay people, even though technically it is the same thing.

Bisexuals are more often accepted, though still, disapprove. Bisexual, bi, meaning two, is when you can fall in love with either s**.

Transsexuals or Transgendered are those born with either a male or female genitalia, but have the mindset or the desire to be of another s**. Example, if you’re a boy and want to be female, or a girl, who desires to be male.

But what I think is wrong is that in the LGBT acronym, they fail to mention two possible important components. Asexual, meaning not falling in love with any gender…
…and Pansexual, falling in love with every gender. Now, if you read through this entire explanation for those who possibly didn’t know about any of this, you’ve reached the climax. I am pansexual.

I can fall in love with any gender. This means male, female, transgendered, gays, lesbians, other pansexual…anyone. We don’t judge by gender, we don’t care for which ‘parts’ you have. We don’t like males, or female. Rather, we like people.

I have recently discovered this and am proud to be a pansexual.

Now, the question is, will people be more accepting of the sexuality that accepts all, or will it be forgotten or shunned? I have figured this little detail on the last day of school, when I learned about pansexuality.

Now I want to hear your stories, if you’re gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered, asexual, pansexual, or of any sexual orientation out there.

I want to know if there are any others like me out there, and if so, speak.

I am ~TheDarkestZero~ and I am a fifteen year old Pansexual.

Jun 12, 2014

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  • Thats nice. I think people who spend all their time identifying with some fashionable new gender are doing that to make up for being completely useless human beings, otherwise why can't you stfu about it for five minutes

  • I think more people would be sexually open to anything if it wasn't for religion, its the root of all that is wrong in the, I hate all religions but not the brain washed followers

  • You have certainly opened a
    "PANdoras Box".

  • I am bisexual and was first with a girl in high school. I still think women's bodies are much more beautiful, but I also like d***. You are a STRONG person because you are not conforming with society and are true to yourself. In college when I told my parents and friends I was in a relationship with my female roommate everybody freaked. My parents were completely traumatized. When my roommate broke up with me I had a nervous breakdown and had to go into the psych ward. For me the relationships are women SO INTENSE and can be mentally and emotionally traumatic. to Also, I was too timid and afraid of scrutiny to come out as bisexual. I did not think it was healthy or respectful to love a person so much and want to hide it from others. I felt horrible, like I was ashamed of my girlfriends, and nobody deserves that kind of conditional love. I think the "alternative" s** society has made huge strides. but I didn't want to only be accepted by a niche in society. I also feel like being bisexual can be viewed as hedonistic, greedy and confusing. There was no bisexual community or respect. I felt like my lesbian friends were only around if I was with a girl. My husband knows this about me, but almost all men are think that's sexy. Now girls make out with each other to turn on and pick up guys. WTF?!

    When I m********* I always think of women and c**********. I love to stare at beautiful women in society and have a computer file full of hot girls.

  • Hey dipship, your f****** Bi, been that way for centuries. Bi dumbass, your f****** BI.

  • Actually, you're wrong in two ways. 1: Bisexuality as a concept isn't that old. 2: There's more than two genders, although you might not know that. Also your crass attitude is neither necessary nor appreciated.

  • I really don't understand how you can f*** a pan. It's flat and it doesn't bend, and it's not soft at all. Are you using the handle for some kind of self-sodomy? Do you then do that whole nasty handle-to-mouth thing? It seems gross, but maybe it's just me. I just really don't even get it. Pans. F****** pans. Who knew?

  • I'm a cisgendered, straight guy and I think all intimate relationships deserve to be recognized and celebrated. In my experience the only people who feel differently have deep insecurities about their own sexuality and/or gender identity, find comfort in traditional gender roles and feel threatened when those roles are challenged by people who don't fit the mold.

  • Recognized and celebrated, yes. Shoved down throats with even more screeching fervor than the most rabid bible thumper, NO.

    Learn the difference!

  • Just discovered alternate sexuality, huh? Lol. I love your excitement about it, it's clearly the brand new shiny exciting thing for you that you have to educate everyone about. Here's something awesome: There's millions of people out there who have been living this life for so many years that none of this info is new to them. So in my case, you're preaching to the choir :p. Keep going with your bad self, stay safe and sane, but be proud and don't apologize for being who you are. Love from a 23 year old pansexual trans guy on the east coast, in love with a [not trans] guy, been out and happy for 10 years now. :] PS: It's Pride season, so if you can find someone to go with that you trust, you should visit the nearest pride event and have a great time being who you are with tons of other queerios! Like I said just stay safe and keep your wits about you and it will be a blast!

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