Just coming out.

I am a non-binary demiboy. Asexual, on the side of the umbrella where i do not experience sexual attraction nor do i have **. On the other hand, I'm panromantic. Everyone (Besides minors and old people, i have standards.) is hot.

In short, since my family would never accept this..

Hi! I use he/they, i'm a demiboy, and a panromantic asexual.

I wish every gay a very happy life<3

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  • I can't help but notice the last sentence in the confession excludes anyone and everyone that is not gay... including the OP perhaps also/maybe? HA-HA ...non-binary demi....umbrella...what now? Idk What happened to keeping your private life for the bedroom, ?

  • Christ you need google, Wikipedia and a snowflake to keep up with and understand all the woke terms. Whatever happened to “Hi, I’m Bob” and go from there.

  • You have too many mentally ill, woken terms in your "confession". Get help.

  • You're - an idiot.

  • Mental Illness is NOT a game. Get help!

  • Be whatever makes you happy but stop with the woke garbage words. You're gay-congrats!

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