I'm in love with my friend's wife

I'm married. He's married. We're all friends.

I'm incredibly embarrassed and sickened by how i feel.

My friend was in a car accident and nearly died. I was the first one to the hospital with his wife, and spent 24 hours with her alone being her only support while her husband was moments away from dying on the operating table numerous times (he actually died and was thankfully brought back by the surgeons).

I think the shared trauma we both experienced has triggered feelings in me that i can't shake. I feel extremely protective of her and can't stop thinking about if she is okay. I can't stop thinking about her and the thought of her suffering is killing me. We have a bond, clearly unhealthy, but nevertheless its there.

I suspect she is feeling the same way based on some of the things she has said, but we're both trying to hide from each other how we feel, and clearly she is feeling just as guilty as i am when we should both be only thinking about her husband.

I know I'm a terrible person. I just need to put this down somewhere so i don't have to carry it. I wish i didn't feel like this. I love her so much.

Mar 20

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  • No you don't love each other as you feel you do. Trauma bonding is real but your emotions reflect that but you and she should have controlled them early on, but from what you wrote you've done nothing to deal with or stop it. That makes you a horrible person and his wife is hardly any better.
    You both need to accept your feelings are born from that shared trauma and get past them, because right now, neither of you are very good people.

  • My neighbor across the street has gotten much hotter over the years. She went from very skinny with a drinking problem to sober and now curvy and always had huge natural **. She also told my ex that she never has had an ** with her husband, so you know she's starved. I'm tempted.

  • No woman should be starved of sexual satisfaction.

    By all means if you are so endowed and talented you should grant your neighbor the opportunity to enjoy life as God intended

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