Being A Man That Is An Alpha Deep Within But Submissive

Being A Man That Is An Alpha Deep Within But Submissive
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LAWFUL NOTICE: I am 45 years of Age: Just a declaration of my age.

Ever since I can remember how I've always been submissive in one way or another. I've always cared more about the women that I loved at that time. I knew how to be an Alpha but felt more submissive in many ways. In my eyes Loyalty is paramount it's the security and safety that must be built into a relationship. Loyalty is where trust flourishes and allows for a relations hip to grow and prosper in so many ways. This is where I find the warmth of love to be submissive to a woman. I can easily dedicate myself to her in so that I surrender my full and complete self to her as well.

I am one that is 100% for surrendering all of myself to a woman; this includes giving up and surrendering to being pegged-** anally. I would give up my ** ** to a woman because I'm secure in my manhood. Not all men are secure enough in their manhood and this is where you find out who the real Alphas are and who the fake Alphas.

I am a man that is an Alpha Submissive that is not well endowed with a huge monster **. I am fine with that. I do get hard and it does grow but this is reality and not a fake ** where these men take steroids that will end up giving these men serious cardiac issues or worse, killing them. Do I fell like I am a Sissy at times? Yes. Do I like it? Not really. If I was well off financially, I'd get those expensive treatments; but I am not.

In my High School years when I was of soft skin, no body hair whatsoever, I did look like I could have been a girl. I was even 'hit-on' by a couple of new jocks that came in when I was in 8th & 9th Grade. NO I AM NOT GAY, I did not like what they did to me. All the feeling me up my legs and even treating me like I was a girl. I was more into the girls and actually became one of them.

My whole life has been dominated by Females both sides of the family and in school.

Circle Back: Yes, I would indeed give up my Boy-** to a woman to be taken and owned. The whole thought of it makes me feel more submissive. I also would love for a woman to spank the ** out of me, leave me with pink, red, purple, and black ** whelps that burn. That would make the Alpha deep within me rage like an inferno. The thought of being owned by a woman sends me into an euphoric ** mentally and physically. I do believe in and endorse Power Sharing Relationships where Dual Domestic Discipline is rendered by both on each other when needed with the utmost of love & caring. If you really love someone you would show them Tough Love and Care for them enough to correct their behavior so that they can be good and obedient (*ADULT ONLY* little boy or little girl *ADULT ONLY*). Having a Mommy/Dom and Daddy/Dom Switch Relationship will make any relationship even more seductive and full of passionate love.

I really do not see how people (male/female couples) survive in a Puritan Vanilla Relationship. Might as well make love to cardboard and have sugarless ice cream - yuck. I'd much rather have PRIMAL HUNTER/PREY Relationship than anything. Raw-Rough Passionate **... OH YEAH!

Mar 23

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