PTSD, mania led to a trip to the psych ward for words

I did something impulsive which was harmless but beneath me, and it led to time in a psych ward for a few days. The funny thing which I simply cannot get past, had I not apologized as I was haunted by the stupid thing I did when manic was what did me in.

She never would’ve known who it was that sent her the card had I not confessed because it bothered me that I did it in the first place.

My random confession wasn’t all being sorry though and it scared her as we have a dark history. Cops as usual treated me like a maniac with multiple cops and insanely guns for essentially apologizing for doing something dumb and her afraid for my safety when I was fine.

This will haunt me the rest of my life and is just another to add to the pile of idiocy. Sometimes it’s just best to fade away and suffer. It’s what I do best.

Apr 2

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Diaper Girl
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