Boys and girls of the 1950’s to 1960’s

I grew up as a kid the 1950’s and 1960’s. During this time period the boys and girls wrestled with each other. We played tackle football and baseball and basketball. We had lot of fun during those days. We have become good nature adults with families.
It was a great time period

Apr 7

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  • It was the good old days. Boys wrestling boys, girls wrestling girls and boy’s wrestling girls. We played baseball, basketball and football together. The girls liked tackle football. A lot of girls were into a good make out session with the boys.

  • It was truly amazing time to be a kid growing up.
    The world was a good place

  • I had a 18 year old girl sitter who would wrestle with me. She was extremely hot in her jeans and tank top. She would let me do some groping and grabbing of her ** and **. Good times

  • She loved to pin me in a grapevine hold or extremely hard and tight full body pin. I would just ** while I was in this position and most times she would ** also

  • If I knew where she was I would love to wrestle her some more. A great body, hot looking in her jeans and a great gal wrestler

  • Worded another way” in the good old days boys wrestled boys. And the gay ones, like me, got hard. Now I miss it”.

    Good gay boy, good gay boy.

  • Thank you boomer. Now the new generation's a bunch of braindead ** who're scared of their own shadow.

  • They are now into technology and not sports and such activities.

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