Convesrsation with HR after I got fired and I complained to Corpo

I got fired for making too many mistakes but I had only been given three days training. After six weeks the HR lady had me in her office telling me that while everybody makes mistakes I was apparently making so many that they were going to terminate me.

I thought I was getting better myself. I had mastered a few things I had been having trouble with and in my mind the termination was an overreaction.

Out the door I went but I e-mailed a complaint to their home office who forwarded my letter to my bosses manager who e-mailed me asking if he could call me. I replied yes.

He repeated the termination accusations against me and I asked him why I had not been shown this list? He paused and said well we aren't in the business of counseling a person.

I forget what I sad in reply but I told him I was sorry I had wasted his time and he said that's ok.

The job didn't pay that well but the company had the best benefits package of any company I had ever worked for and as I was sitting in HR being told I was terminated I had a visual of that fine situation disappearing.

Getting fired is no picnic.

Apr 9

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  • Going back to college I worked nights at a hotel near campus. One day the Manager came to me and said that was my last day and I was fired. I asked why? And she said it was her decision and that is all I needed to know. Being fired sucked. It was unmotivating. It did teach me a valuable lesson. As a manager maintaining a clear line of communication is critical. Business has many ups and downs and not everyone is privileged to know the whys and therefors. However, when it came time to reduce head count I always remembered how I got fired and did my best to assuage the employee whether it was for cause or for the needs of the company. Only one man, one time, got up and behaved like an animal. We had him escorted out of the building by security.

  • Sorry to hear this, it is unfortunate.

    Companies are allowed to fire employees for any reason they want and don’t have to explain. The only thing not allowed for firing is discrimination against, age, gender, religion, race etc. I have had to do this a number of times. For any decent human, firing someone ** too. I know, that doesn’t help you.

    But, your next could be better and this could be fortunate.

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