I am married but I have a need for a girlfriend too

It may be unfair, but the truth is that I prefer to have ** with another woman. Not any other woman, she has to be someone I have deep feelings for. But when that feeling is there and she reciprocates that feeling, making love with her is so much more rewarding that having ** with a man.

I am married to a man, I want it all, the house, the kids, the dog, the backyard, the security, the Mrs. title, ** with my husband is one of my many duties. Maintaining a relationship with another woman is difficult, I don't work outside the home and have lots to do and little free time. But I did meet Alice at a Church meeting, she is the Assistant Principle at the Junior High. We got along and she is definitely not interest in men and we have had a very nice ongoing relationship.

It may be **, but it is more than ** when we get together to make love. My husband is all about banging, get on and get it over with. It's his thing, but not mine. I love to bathe together, get naked and explore our bodies, with our hands and our tongues and our minds. I find the female sexual organ far more interesting, not to mention tasty, and having her O with her in my mouth is the ultimate experience.

I would never want my husband to find out, or anyone else either. She is deep in the closet, she doesn't want anyone to know either.

Apr 11

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I love kicking my brother in the **

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  • Homegirl, you can also have the house, kids, dogs etc. with a woman...
    Do you really want to keep having "duty" ** with a dude for the rest of your life?
    Get a divorce and start banging some ladies and live your best life <3

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