I resigned from a job because of my managers yelling

He would get red in the face when he was mad which was every day. He'd be on the phone and he would get so ** off at who he was talking to that he would start yelling HA LA LA HA LA LA NIN NIN NIN.

I was a new hire and apparently he didn't know how to do the job assigned to me hence he was unable to train me. The lady who had done the work prior to them hiring me had retired.

My job was to keep records and many of the same items had different names. For instance a Quadrant was also called a petrie dish. I was not aware that they were the same thing so I listed the two names separately. This ** my manager off and he started raising ** doing his HA LA LA HA LA LA NIN NIN NIN.

After this I went to HR and turned in a resignation. I didn't want to give this moron the satisfaction of firing me.

He had one last screaming fit during the last thirty minutes of my notice.

I got another job with the same company as the HR people didn't blame me for quitting. He either fired the next employees in this job or they like me quit. He was eventually relieved of these duties and had to do the work himself.

Why this lunatic was allowed to continue working there is beyond me.

Apr 13

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  • Well, there were other ways as well like have ** with his wife. Film them, and enjoy your life with a raise.

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