Has anyone ever told you not to touch them when you never planned

I was in college when some guy told an off color joke about Jews. Nobody laughed especially the Jewish fellow student. I just sat there saying nothing. The Jewish student was mad but for some odd reason he told me not to touch him. Why? I'm not a toucher and I didn't tell the ** joke.

Apr 17

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  • I do this to women. They told me not to do it but I can’t control it. Love pressing their bellies.

  • I understand you didn't want to take part in it but what he found wrong with it was that you refused to speak up about the cruel joke and that's why he was mad at you. If someone said a cruel joke about you wouldn't you be mad at the person close by that didn't speak up against it? I know I sure would.

  • I thought my silence directed at the joke teller was enough of a response.

  • I forgot to say that maybe he saw you as a friend and thought you would do something about it.

  • I was flabberghasted and speechless. Stupidity sometimes papalyses me.

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